Alternative Dispute Resolution Essay

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Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Alternative Dispute Resolution


ADR is a general name that has given to a wide range of procedures that are present for the parties in civil cases to solve their conflicts or disputes before a trial has ...view middle of the document...

An understanding between parties of the legal rights and obligations shows a role but equity is the deciding factor. If parties agree with going to court, so it is good otherwise they are free to go to court (Anonymous, 2003, pp. 55-56).
ADR helps to improve access to the justice system. Some target of access to justice defined below:
• It should be affordable
• Should avoid long trails
• To get a free trial for everyone(Schonewille, 2009, pp.1-2).
• No delays
• Should minimizes the complexity

The main reason for this is to give an opportunity to every citizen to raise their voices for their rights (Schonewille, 2009, pp.1-2). There are a lot of ways to improve access to justice, some of them mentioned below:
• Should have access to lawyers
• Needs to use modern technology that connects to e-justice online 24/7.
• Accessible courts should be open
• Protect and support groups
• Educate people who are unaware of this fact (Schonewille, 2009, pp.1-2).
• Listening to protestors and providing them a platform to raise their issues.

It is a way to solve issues and disputes. Meditation a concept in ADR also helps to improve the justice system through
• Expedition
• Confidentiality
• Establishing and maintaining relationships (Schonewille, 2009, pp.1-2).
• Low cost
• Reduce average loads on cases and trial lengths
• Better quality of results
It has noted that courts are not only enough to show the real access to justice (Schonewille, 2009, pp.1-2).

The right of access to justice and right of a cost free trial noted in the 6th article of Convention in Europe on the rights of human. This article 6 provides some key points:
• Any person who has charged with a crime will be innocent until and unless law declared them guilty (Anonymous, 2012, p.217).
• To identify the civil rights and obligations of any crime against a person, a person allowed to fair and public hearing with a time. Judgment has announced publically by the public and press (Anonymous, 2012, p.217).
• A person recognized with the charges of crime should have some rights, which are:
o Should be given a proper time in which they can gather things and people for their defence
o Can have an independent assistant as an interpreter if the language used in court is not understandable
o To protect himself in person or through legal assistant of their own (Anonymous, 2012, p.217).
Such rights regularly focused in many different ways like the whole pressure on unfunded systems. These unfunded systems will help in the justice. ADR has a lot of new ways to solve issues and disputes that allow overcrowded courts to slow down their cases. Here, there are no problems as in courts. It is cheap and user friendly. It helps them to solve their disputes in a very relaxed way. Although courts are important as they were before, but ADR is also...

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