Alternative Fuel Sources Essay

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Kyle Butler
ENG 122
Professor Pushkin
March 30th, 2014

Man versus Nature

Mankind is steadily depleting the world’s natural resources, which is disastrous for humans and nature. Who wins in the war between man and nature? The answer is no one. However, man cannot survive without using natural resources; therefore, co-existence with nature requires balance. It is man’s primary responsibility to utilize natural resources safely and efficiently. Renewable natural resources such as trees, water, sun and wind ought to be the primary sources of energy. Secondary sources of energy should be non-renewable resources such as oil and natural gas. The government should be required to make use ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore, the wind industry brings jobs to the United States through manufacturing, engineering and operations.
Secondly, the state and federal governments need put into action plans to conserve natural resources through recycling and technology. People have a responsibility to re-use natural resources, until there un-useable. According to DHEC’s Office of Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling, “Recycling or reuse of 2,000 pounds of paper saves 7,000 gallons of water and 380 gallons of oil” (“Natural Resources”). Additionally, the article states, “Using recovered aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy required to make the same amount of aluminum from bauxite ore – its virgin source” (“Natural Resources”). Through the implementation of conservation methods, people can reduce the need to use natural resources and diminish their impact on the environment. Conservation of natural resources promotes co-existence between humans and nature. Additionally, people can conserve the world’s natural resource by going paperless. In today’s technology age, there is little reason to ever need to print on paper when forms can be signed electronically, and saved digitally. Through the use of technology, people can prevent deforestation, which protects the forests eco-systems. Humans have a desire for instant gratification; however, co-existing with nature will require change and patience.
People may argue that switching to renewable sources of energy and recycling will result in lost jobs, in the oil industry. However, the change is necessary since the end of the oil industry is inevitable. Oil is a non-renewable resource meaning it cannot be readily replaced. Mankind uses oil faster than it can be replenished, and eventually the resource will not available for use. The question is: Do people want to make the transition to renewable resources now while there’s time or in the future when the world is in crisis? The jobs lost in the oil industry will be gained in other industries, such as, the wind power industry. Furthermore, in the grand-scheme, it is more important to save the environment for future generations, than it is to retain jobs in the oil industry. Lastly, the use of non-renewable resources is detrimental to nature; resulting in air pollution, CO2 emissions, and oil spills that ruin eco-systems. However, the use of oil will not cease overnight; therefore, the government needs to minimize the environment impact of using non-renewable resources on the environment.
The first step, in minimizing the effects of using non-renewable resources is education. Oil...

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