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Alternative Vs Traditional Medicine Essay

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I. Introduction.
By a show of hands, how many people know that there are two main medical practices in the world? Now think to yourself, what could they be? Let me share with you the two medical practices. They are alternative medicine and traditional medicine.

II. Being that my mom pass away from cancer with the use of traditional medicine. I have researched this topic of alternative medicine vs. traditional medicine. I felt that sharing this information would be extremely beneficial to all of us. Since most of us including myself tend to trust the traditional medicine that we receive from our health care physicians.

III. Today, I’m here to ...view middle of the document...

4. With the emergence of the Internet, there is much more information available and accessible to consumers.

Now that I have shared information about alternative medicine, I will explain to all of you about traditional medicine.

II. Most Americans encounter traditional medicine in hospitals and clinics (Weil 2008).
A. What is traditional medicine?
1. Medicine given by prescription by practiced holders of M.D and their allied health professionals, such as physical therapist, psychologist and registered nurses.
2. According to (Weil 2008) traditional medicine is the use of synthetic drugs and surgery to treat health conditions.
3. Traditional medicine is often expensive and sometimes not covered by your insurance plan.

B. When to use traditional medicine?
1. To be used in emergency conditions such as massive injury or life-threatening stroke.
2. Many treatments, both conventional and unconventional, have risks and side effects.

Now that I have explained alternative medicine and traditional medicine, I will tell you my stand on it.

C. My stand is for alternative medicine.
1. There are a lot of all nature...

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