Although Atticus Finch Describes Mrs Dubose As, “The Bravest Person I Ever Knew”, It Is Atticus Himself Who Is The Real Hero In The Novel. Examine The Character Of Atticus Finch And Comment On Whether He Is The True Hero Or Not

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To Kill a Mockingbird
Although Atticus Finch describes Mrs Dubose as, “The bravest person I ever knew”, it is Atticus himself who is the real hero in the novel. Examine the character of Atticus Finch and comment on whether he is the true hero or not.
Atticus Finch was the true hero in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird because he was willing to do things others wouldn’t even think of, such as, defending a black man in court; shot a mad dog when he had not fired a gun in thirty years; and raised his two children, Jem and Scout, with the help of his housekeeper, Calpurnia. Atticus was a man of principle who believed in justice, fairness for all, he was progressive. His bravery was to stand for what he believed in and gave equality for blacks when there was injustice against them in this case innocent, Tom Robinson.
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In the end Tom Robinson may have been shot, Atticus had done the right thing by defending him, even though the rest of the town had accused him of being guilty and disapproved of the fact that Atticus defended him.
Secondly, Atticus had not fired a gun in thirty years when he had to shoot the mad dog. Hec Tate was supposed to fire the gun but he had told Atticus that he wasn’t a good enough shot. Atticus tried to argue his way out of it, by telling him that he had not fired a gun in thirty years, but Atticus soon gave in and fired the gun. It had taken a lot of bravery for Atticus to take the shot because if he missed the dog he knew that it could hit the Radley house and one of the Radley’s could have been injured. In taking the shot Atticus took responsibility of the Radley’s safety into his own hands, which Hec Tate was not willing to do.
Thirdly, Atticus had taken a lot of responsibility to look after his two children, Jem and Scout, after his wife had died many years ago, but luckily he had the help from his housekeeper, Calpurnia, so he wouldn’t be in it alone. A lot of people in Atticus’ position would have sent their children to an aunt as they would have found it too difficult to raise their children by themselves, but Atticus did not do this, and he would not have had it any other way. As a single parent Atticus would always have to be respectable and well controlled even during the hardest times as he was trying to teach his children good values.
Throughout the novel Atticus always showed respect for people even when they did not deserve it, he was never violent and had always tried his best to help people who were in trouble even if it was not the greatest path for him and his family. Atticus Finch was the real hero in the novel as he always did what he thought was right even in the hardest circumstances.

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