Always A Sculpture Created By Clement Meadmore

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“Always,” created by Clement Meadmore, is a sculpture located in front of the Carlson Center entrance at Johnson County Community College. This sculpture of approximately 20 feet is full round because it can be walked around on all sides. “Always” is composed of welded aluminum that is painted black and therefore, the method of execution used for this sculpture is addition.
Abstract geometric shapes are easily seen in “Always.” The subject of geometry is apparent from any angle. This sculpture has a unitary form of a long and large rectangular shape that bends several times in different directions and angles before springing into space. Mass controls the composition of this sculpture; ...view middle of the document...

The sculpture’s location, at a school and near parking lots, relates to the sculpture itself. The school and parking lots show movement, for example, the flow of cars and people. “Always” mimics this idea of illustrating motion. This helps my perception of the sculpture. The sculpture and environment clarify how movement does not flow perfectly. For instance, the bends in the sculpture represent imperfections of movement just like the sculpture’s environment.
Based on Meadmore’s ideas and events in life, his purpose in creating this sculpture was to generate feelings beyond what they looked like. These feelings included movement or music and can appear through the geometric forms of “Always.” In fact, explains Meadmore’s three goals within constructing his sculptures: “to explore geometry's expressive potential, […] to make the whole sculpture comprehensible from any viewpoint,” and “to avoid the feeling of a front and back.” These three goals are shown in “Always;” geometry is significant by showing a dynamic movement, the same shapes and feelings are understood from any angle, and the front and back can be anywhere.
“Always” was designed in 1992 and therefore, the original audience probably did not distinguish Meadmore’s purpose of this sculpture. Minimalism became popular in the 1960’s which was not during the time that “Always” was constructed. In conclusion, the original audience could have viewed this sculpture unclearly; the actual meaning may have been unnoticed.
The text and context of “Always” form the subtext. The first sculptures that Meadmore created was during the 1960’s; the time that minimalism was popular. Minimalism appears in Meadmore’s sculptures as smooth rectangular shapes that extend into space. This...

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