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Am I Inside The Movie? Essay

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Anh Le
COM 100
Dr. Bill Withers
Am I inside the Movie?
Many legacy-media forms, which cannot follow the evolution of the society trend and culture, start to fail claiming the audience attention. However, film is a reflection of society for both the present and the past. I believe film and its innovation have to catch up to society but sometimes it leads the society and culture too. That why in the future, “the theaters of the future will be bigger and more beautiful than ever before. They will employ expensive presentation formats that cannot be accessed or reproduced in the home (such as, ironically, film prints). And they will still enjoy exclusivity, as studios relearn the ...view middle of the document...

To be able delivering the message to the right target, agenda setting theory play an important role in film advertising. For example, “back at home, you turn on the TV and every commercial break has a different trailer for the unicorn movie. You go online to check the latest headlines and there's a big interactive banner ad featuring that lovable unicorn at the top of the "New York Times" Web site. Literally everywhere you look, someone or something is reminding you that the unicorn movie opens on December 24th! Guess where you'll be on Christmas Eve?” (Roos).
Also we need to mention the aspect of culture (teen choice) this day to take action on doing business in the future. Nowadays, the main clients of the Film industry is mostly youth and this is the main factor that drives most major motion picture companies into producing more action and adventure films more than any other genres. The Film industries gain power with modern technology (3D-4D) to produce fascinate motion pictures such as Avatar, Titanic, The Avengers, the Harry Potter series, Pirate of the Caribbean series... However, their ticket profit still dropped dramatically and most experts believed this was due to media convergence. Customers became smarter and they realized the tickets sometimes were overpriced when the movie came out. This lead to a new trend of building home theater movies. With a budget ranging as low as three hundred dollars, each family can set up a fine quality mini theater to a theater quality. The supply to build a home theater at home is accessible today. Then all they need to do is to wait for the DVD to come out.
“For example, in 1974 box office receipts accounted for 95% of the studios’ film revenues. Now they make up about one-quarter. Today’s distributors make three times as much from domestic home entertainment (DVD, network and cable television, downloads, and streaming) as they do from rentals to movie houses” (Baran, Chapter6, pg. 143).
Also, the Internet and cable are other main factors that blurred away the future of Film-theater. People can rent or own movies easier with their mobile or home devices. Therefore, teenagers become more lazy and efficient than ever. They like everything at the reach of their hands in their little mobile devices such as laptop, tablet and smartphone.
However, Internet make the film industry change their mind about doing promotion in the future. They don’t have to spend too much time to think what customer desire is. All the information are various among the social network and all they need to do is collecting the behavior of people on the social form of media. For instant, the film industries have to wait until the movie run on theater to collect the feedback or making an interview of how people feel about the movie. Now they can gain the earlier access to those data feedback from the website contain their trailer of the movie.
So far, technology has play an important role to help film...

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