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America Needs Limited Gun Control Essay

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Gun control has become a heavily debated topic within the courts and among activists who support gun control and those who do not. Numerous individuals will argue that there are not enough laws and restrictions for firearm owners across the country. While others will argue that the current laws and regulations violate every Americans right to the Second Amendment. Which states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
The main reason the United States established gun control was to regulate the sale and ownership of firearms. The current laws regulate the sale and ownership of ...view middle of the document...

The act also defined persons who were banned from possessing firearms.” Expresses A more recent act passed in 1998, which is very important to our well-being is the Brady Act. tells us, “The Brady Act goes in effect which requires all gun dealers to run background checks on all potential buyers using the National Instant Criminal Background Check system.”
The NRA (National Rifle Association) is a leading advocate fighting against wrongful gun control and possibly outlawing firearms. The NRA is one of the best organizations today for sportsmen and gun owners. They place emphasis on the importance of gun safety and demonstrate how safe guns are in the right hands with proper education and training. The NRA also has an important position among legislators that consider passing laws on gun control. Instead of passing unnecessary laws and regulations the NRA wants this nation of focus more on firearm safety education and gun licensing. They also have come up with alternatives for what lies ahead and current laws and regulations that would satisfy majority of the citizens.
The number one state having the most restrictive gun control laws and regulations is California. California requires a background check for all firearm sales. Buyers must be at least 21 years of age. There is also a regulation that limits citizens to one handgun purchase per month. According to the, “California legislature’s strategy is to put so many restrictions on the requirements of the guns sold themselves, that is too restrictive for manufacturers to sell in that state. Their goal is to eliminate all private ownership of firearms.” Their laws and regulations are so strict it is easy to understand why there are more illegally owned firearms than registered firearms. Even with all of these obsessive laws and regulations, California still has one of the highest gun crime rates. This shows even with almost total control over firearms a safe living environment cannot be obtained. On the other hand states with laws and regulations that are much less restrictive than California provide much safer living environment. Since it is easy for citizens to abide by...

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