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America’s Culture Of Sex Essay

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America’s Culture of Sex

Sex in today’s world can be seen anywhere. It is on billboards, radio stations, personal books, school books, magazines, peers, movies, songs, and the most famous is televisions. Commercials use seductive images, sounds, and music grabbing the attention of the audience. Movies and television are proof of the sickness of sexual addiction in society. This disease spreads across the country, infecting the way people think and live their lives. Ultimately it is destroying society and what America holds to be morally correct. Two such sources of writing, “Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades” and Countering the Culture of Sex, give examples of what effect culture play in the way of living. Today’s culture pumps out ...view middle of the document...

Sex is what she wants and he knows it would make her happy by giving into her. He feels horrible while this happens, but he will not stop because he wants to impress her.

Countering the Culture of Sex is an article by Ellen Goodman dealing with the entertainment industry’s plague upon society. With sex rooted deep in children’s minds it creates this idea of what life revolves around. Digging deeper, Goodman brings up the point of why one never sees the consequences of sex. If the media were to show the consequences of people’s actions, the industry could create a sense of fear into the public.

The big picture between these two texts says sex is a problem in society. One directly says it, and the other is shown as an actual real life result of the entertainment industry. A multitude of problems arise as a result of movies, books, music, commercials, television, and anything presenting sexual propaganda into the minds of America. Young children, teenagers, and immature adults, do not discern on what is right and wrong with the problem of sex in society. Many never think about the consequences of their actions because of the media not showing them consequences through entertainment. The two sources intertwine with one another again and again. The two texts do not come out and directly say the same ideas, but the lyrics support the article with real life situations of what happens in our culture all the time. It does give a glimpse of the life with sexual immorality through the line, “A life free of lies and meaningful relationship.” The article also says the life of trying to feed your children and living as a single mother is a grim reality. This portrays the picture of how dysfunctional families in America have become.

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