America Vs. Europe Essay

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Running head: America VS. Europe

America VS. Europe
Akia Tercha
American Intercontinental University

The document will discuss the difference in ethics within the American and European workforce. The American and European attitudes of the employees, employers, and higher level managers in regard to their particular environment and how it effects there income, time and culture.

America vs. Europe
The truth is there are standards that are placed in the workplace. In America the standard is set by various policies and guidelines. The guidelines are usually as follows if an employee works full time they get 40 hours a week, two 15 minute breaks, and a thirty minute to an hour lunch. The employee is required to meet the time components according to ...view middle of the document...

There are actual longer lunch period as well. Americans are seen as true workaholics who have a image to uphold because of their insecurities however Europeans do not have to be overwhelmed by the lack of job security. European countries have better employment protection for workers, including legislation about redundancy pay, or sick leave, or hours of work, or break times at work (Cooper, 2011).
Mary must understand the culture of her environment while in Europe. It is obvious that she is American and has traditional American work culture. It seems as though what she deems as inappropriate is in actuality suitable in Europe. The employees in Europe have more time to relax and take a break from their daily tasks where as in America there are only two 15 minute breaks and a lunch hour. She has to understand the culture of both places. The truth is if Mary took a stand on how things are done in Europe she may be seen as an idiot, just for not understanding the work culture. The supervisors in Europe would more than likely be offended by her lack of knowledge. Mary’s American supervisors may look at her in dismay and may try to make her understand if they are kind and cordial however there is a possibility that she could get fired for being so insulting and demeaning to the European work culture that her company is presently doing business in.
In conclusion, I would advise Mary to be multifaceted and comprehend the value of both cultures. Europe has created a great work balance relationship for their employees. America was built on hard work but I think that there is more to life than just working a lot of hours and getting nothing in return but stress.

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