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American And Thai Essay

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Difference between Thai and American culture
Culture is a word for people's way of life, meaning the way groups do things; it depends upon the human capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generation. Different groups of people may have different cultures, same as Thailand and United State of America which are located in different continent. Their cultures are different in various ways.
First of all is about greeting , Americans really like to greet each other even if one does not know each other before. When American walk pass the stranger, it is ok for them to say “hi” or “have a nice day” In Thailand, most Thais are shy, we usually do not talk to the stranger. Last year ago, I hung out with Vivi , my American friend. While we were walking pass a road sweeper, she smiled and said “have a nice day” to him. ...view middle of the document...

American parents give a freedom to their children to make them being an independence person. Most American children speak what in their minds and have confidence to stand up for what they believe in. American kids also leave their parents' homes around college-age. They make money by having a part time job. In contrast , Thais families teach their children to respect and obey their parents. Thai kids remain living at home until they get married. Most Thai children were treated to do nothing. If they ask for doing a part time job, their parents will not allow them. Same as my friend case, Ploy, she wanted to find some job but her parents did not allow her and they told Ploy that all she have to do is studying,
Finally is about bodily conduct. Thais consider the head as the sacred part of the body and feet are regarded as unclean and symbolically the lowest part of the body. Thais do not touch anyone on the head without permission unless they are friend or close person. They do not point their feet at anyone or use their feet to move anything or touch anyone. Thais have to take off their shoes before entering house. But Americans do not mind about this, they think that every part of their body is equal. Head is organ like feet. They can touch anyone head without thinking too much and they always wear shoes in the house like we have seen in many American movies. When Vivi stayed at my home, she used her feet to poke me and she put her feet on the table while we were watching television . My mother was not happy to see that. I told Vivi immediately that Thai people quite serious about using feet.
In conclusion, there are three main totally different things between Thai and American culture which are greeting, family and bodily conduct. However, it is important to realize that differences do not mean it’s impossible for two different cultures to communicate or adjust. Open your mind to learn something new and follow this idiom “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”
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