American Art Project Essay

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Jessica Fisher
December 6, 2014
American Art Project
Part 1
Baptism of Pocahontas
John Gadsby Chapman
Chapman conveys sign of peace between the Indian tribes and the white colonists in this painting. Pocahontas brings peace between the two groups. The feeling that Chapman had captured were feelings were that of acceptance by the colonists because Pocahontas has become one of them by accepting their faith and practices, eventually marrying colonist John Rolfe. The Indian tribe not so much, they want to befriend the colonist just not at the cost of one of their own; not all felt that way as you can tell in the ...view middle of the document...

The events that occurred in the U.S. that shaped the composition of the painting is the signing of the most important document in American history, it was formed for the rights for every American citizen. There is a message in the painting shaped by the events; the message is that we fight for our independence and all man should live free from oppression. Mr. Trumbull is successful in conveying the message of freedom. However, he did not accurately depict the painting historically. Trumbull did paint how important the document was and that the document is an important part of history; also that the men who were there to sign and witness the most important document in American history. There is a clear connection between the content and context of this painting is that we are witnessing even on a canvas the most important day in our nation’s history.
Embarkation of the Pilgrims
Robert W. Weir
Robert Weir was trying to portray in his painting is the first puritans who were trying to reach the new world to escape persecution because of their religion. The feeling he is trying to evoke is that of peace and happiness. Finally, they can live in a place where they can exercise their rights to practice what they believe. The painting commissioned date is unknown, but the painting completed July of 1843, and it was finally put up in the Capital in December of that year. The events that occurred is that Columbus discovered America but not yet occupied by anyone other than the Indian tribes that had lived in America. This time of the painting was when the puritans were leaving their homelands to find freedom. There is a message in the painting that there is hope beyond the horizon, also the promise of a better tomorrow. Weir did successfully communicate his message with the pilgrims on their knees praying to God for a safe trip to the new world and the rainbow off to the side of a brighter future. There is a clear connection between the content and context of the painting. The pilgrims finally after a grueling trip find the peace and freedom they were looking for, this painting perfectly depicts the voyage to the land of freedom.

General George Washington Resigning His Commission
John Trumbull

John Trumbull is trying to portray a great leader and soon to be the nation’s first president, resigning from his place as commander-in- chief from the Army. There seems to be a sense of sadness because Washington was a great military leader who anyone would be proud to serve under Washington. No one wanted to see him go. The U.S. Congress commissioned the painting of General Washington in 1817. The painting was hung in the Capital in 1826. The events that occurred in America were that of the battle and victory of the Revolutionary War. Washington had fought long and hard as the leader of the Army; he was a great leader that’s why it was a pity for his men to see him retire. I believe there is a message...

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