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American Cancer Society Essay

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American Cancer Society.


American Cancer Society was founded in 1985 by one man in Tacoma Washington working round a track for twenty four hours and was able to raise about 27 thousand dollars. Today the Relay for life has raised over 400 million dollars. It is a volunteer based organization with all its programs being run by volunteers. The organization serves about one and five thousand communities a big expansion in that it began twenty seven years ago. This is a sensitive and ethically sound organization dispensing its services not only to American people but in the entire world. They go an extra mile to create extensive cancer awareness and ...view middle of the document...

Cancer information can be obtained by telephone, chatting online, or through their websites such as The information available includes what to expect and how to plan for cancer diagnosis. Understanding the type of cancer one is diagnosed with, the treatment options available, how one can have access to financial help and treatment. Transportation is provided through a program called Transportation to Treatment. Here, volunteers use their cars to drive patients to and from treatment appointments. Emotional support is provided by several programs. First, there is Reach to Recovery Programs where breast cancer survivors offer hope and inspirations to patients. Man to Man program is where prostrate cancer patients help each other emotionally. Reach out to Cancer Kids program and road camps programs handles children needs touched by cancer. Cancer Survivor Network is an online program that offers inspirations to cancer patients from cancer survivors in form of prerecorded messages, discussion boards among others. Look Good Feel Better program is yet another program that teaches cancer patients on how to handle appearance related side effects of treatment (Arthur, 2008).
As a volunteer based organization the organization relies on fundraised funds to drive their mission....

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