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"American History X." Essay

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I want to say first of all, that I am so pleased that I have never had to experience such violent acts such as racism. "American History X" this movie left me with mixed emotions, to me, it wasn't a movie for entertainment purposes but a movie that gave a strong influential message.I remember watching part of American History X about two years ago. The only part of this movie I saw was when the skinhead was sent to jail for killing a black ...view middle of the document...

He plays a role of Derek Vinyard. He has a younger brother names Danny. The movie shows how blacks and white and other cultures don't get along. In the movie there are lots of sad scenes of racial violence of black and white. Skinhead thugs robbing and terrorizing a Korean owned grocery stores. Derek, is a powerful figure in the local neo-Nazi community. There are many reasons why racism is wrong and also how it influenced not to be racist.After Danny and his friends win a game against the blacks at a local basketball court, two armed black teens attempt to steal Derek's truck. Derek shoots one of the black males, and brutally kills another by putting his mouth against a curb and kicking him in the back of his head, and is sentenced to three years of jail. Derek tries to follow the same path in the jail by joining the white skinhead gang. Derek meets an African American who was working with him in the jail. Derek realizes that there isn't any difference between black and white. However, other nazi community didn't liked that so they were thing lets treat him like a black. During this time he is awfully raped and thinking he is black. In the outside world however, Danny, Derek's younger brother is following in his footsteps.

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