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The effects of the United States Imperialism
By Andrew Watterson
John Brown University
American imperialism is believed to have truly begun in 1898 when America fought the Spanish in order to obtain Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. The Spanish-American War was during the presidential administration of President McKinley. It was caused by the sinking of the U.S. battleship, USS Maine, in Havana harbor in 1898. War was declared and the United States won quickly. Under the treaty of the U.S. acquired Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines from Spain in return for $20 million. Later on President McKinley was assassinated in 1901 and vice president Theodore ...view middle of the document...

Imperialists claim they can give the Filipinos a better government than they can possibly establish for themselves. This plan of governing other people for their own good did not originate with the imperialists today. It was the plan used by the crafty, heartless Talleyrand for the government of the American colonies before the revolutionary war.” This claim, that America was no better than Britain if she went through with imperializing her new territories, threatened to split the nation in two, with one side, being the Democrats headed by William Jennings Brian, who was against imperialism, and the Republicans, headed by President McKinley, who was for it. In regards to the Philippines, President McKinley had sent some 60,000 soldiers to the islands in order to do what he called “police duty”, which to the democrats appeared to be a clear sign of nothing less than dictatorship, and that if the Philippines wanted American intervention, then that many soldiers would be unnecessary.

The Republicans still held firm to their belief that the actions being taken were for the good of our new territories, as well as the good of our own. “The countries that have recently been freed by the American arms, which will be added to the great empire over which boasts the stars and stripes, and form the nucleus of the greater...

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