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American In The 1980's Essay

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The 1980’s is one of the most interesting decades that was experienced in the United States. Dealing with the stock market, the coming up of new inventions, all the way to the types of music people listened to. During the 1980s, the only thing that made Americans be “Americans” was because of the things they were provided with. Many Americans had fun throughout the 1980s with materialistic, glamorous, and technological life styles; therefore there were different economical problems that Americans faced.
During the 1980’s, many Americans were incredibly materialistic; they were only concerned with the “things” in life, not with life as it was. In the musical world, Madonna was becoming ...view middle of the document...

There were many styles that people were able to work with. First off, one of the most common styles was the retro style. Retro was, in a way, inspired by disco. Americans would often wear flares, which were types of jeans where the legs got bigger and “flared” out towards the bottom of the foot (CITATION, #). This proves that retro was just one of the major fashion statements in the 1980s. Another style that Americans tried out was the Glamour style. This fashion included top of the line designers like CoCo Chanel, Versace, and Oscar de la Renta. These designers made a significant impact on the glamorous lifestyle. Glamorous was over the top, but in a fashionable or unique way that people like to dress (CITATION, #). People would wear skirts with a huge puffball at the bottom of it, or switch it up to a nice tight fitting pencil skirt. The economy was a huge factor. Obviously people wanted the best of the best, but the economy was not doing that well (CITATION, #). There were some bad things about the agriculture. Since the United States is just coming out of a recession, they were working on rebuilding businesses in the city so they could expand their business and try to earn back some of the money they lost. This proves that at this point in the 80s, life was not so glamorous because people had to worry about earning back the assets that they lost along with businesses. The farm economy was not doing that well either. Farmers were starting to go in debt because they were not able to pay for the materials they needed on the farms. Also, train transportation to the farms was coming to a halt because there was no need for the train to go out to the farm if the farmers could not pay for what they needed in the first place. It is a good thing that Americans were so into the fashion part of the decade, but they still had to worry about the not so glamorous flaws. Wanting to be glamorous had some downfalls, but Americans tried their best to get back on track to keep...

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