American Mexican Border Must Change Essay

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The US/Mexican Border must Change
The US and Mexican boarder has been a common political debate now a days because of the overwhelming flow if illegal Mexicans in the United States. People feel that these illegal’s are stealing jobs and threatening security and the boarder needs sealed off and guarded from these intruders. However there are to many problems with that theory. Some include the dangers of Illegal’s crossing, maintaining a boarder that big and, the big problem, the cost.
The boarder between Mexico and the United States has always a back and forth situation. At one point the United State accepts the Illegal Mexican workers to come over and work for American companies and then ...view middle of the document...

In 1993 president Clinton administrated the “Operation Gatekeeper” to try to stop some illegal immigrants from passing into America. Along the total 1,951 mile long boarder they put 80 miles of strategically placed boarder walls. These are in the areas of “hot spots” where a lot of Illegal Mexicans pass. Now that 80 miles are blocked, 1,871 miles are left. Now majority of this unprotected area is desert, miles and miles of desert. These desert are killers, they could kill someone in a matter of hours who is not prepared. No water, civilization, food or shelter for miles and miles. So its safe to say that the Clinton administration thought that they wouldn’t even try to cross the boarder, well they thought wrong. Now instead of being caught at extremely popular areas, they are pushed to go to unlivable areas and risk their lives. The deputy of Mexico's Secretary of the Commission of Population, Border and Immigration Issues, Edmundo Ramirez Martinez, says the 1.5 Mexicans die everyday trying to cross the boarder and in 2005 a little over 500 Mexicans died trying to cross the boarder. These Mexicans either die because the deserts get them or they are killed by boarder patrol. Some cant even be counted because there bodies are in the unknown ware bouts of the vast desert. Now this begs the question: Why should we care if they die? They should havecome here illegally. This question goes beyond politics and goes straight to morals. Does someone really disserve the death penalty for trying to get a better life for him and his family? Does a patrolman have the right to shoot someone for illegally crossing? It doesn’t seem like the justice is equal to the crime.
Another thing people will say is: These people could be criminals and endanger national security. The thing is, people that cross the boarder legally could be criminals. Heck, your child could be a criminal! But the question we should be asking is what’s more dangerous? An undocumented criminal whom we don’t know where he’s living, working, name, age, profile? Or a documented one? Hardworking illegal’s in the United States are at even more danger because if something happens to them that iscriminal act? They cannot go to the police because they will get deported. This is why we need to not put so much money into the boarder and we need to put more into making illegal’s legal. The US already does this for Cubans so, why not Mexicans? If a Cuban lands on American soil after floating on a raft the US says get this man his documentation to make him legal. If a Mexican gets to the US and asks for it help, the US gives it the cold shoulder and sends them back after they risked there life to get here.Get them documentation so that they can be kept track of. This is the best way for everyone, Americans can be more protected and Mexicans.
So the big question; why not just board the whole darn thing up and keep all these people out? Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has said a wall...

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