American Minorities During World War Ii

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During the time of World War II, there was a dramatic change in the society of America and its way of life. Men were needed at war and the women were left at home. People were mistrusted and were falsely accused of something they didn’t do. Some people were even pushed away because they were different. These people were the minorities of America. Some of the minorities it affected the most were the African Americans, women, Japanese Americans, and even young adults. What is a minority? A minority, in this case, is a person or group of people who are discriminated against because there is something about them that makes them different. Some of these reasons why they are different are things ...view middle of the document...

They were even able to take out their enemies fast jet fighters (Reinhardt and Ganzel 1). what is socking about all of this is that these men weren't trained with guns or knives, they had to use sticks instead (Reinhardt and Ganzel 1). With all the racism still going on, one African American man said it would be an iron for him to give America his life if it didn’t want to given him basic civil rights (Reinhardt and Ganzel 2). Second of all after, returning home they were given an opportunity to join a movement for their rights (Reinhardt and Ganzel 2). The Soldier came home to a country that wasn’t granting them their full rights so some joined a movement to expand the rights (Reinhardt and Ganzel 2). Other soldiers ended up moving to the city instead so they could find work similar to what they did while at war (Reinhardt and Ganzel 2). The roles of African American minorities where change after the war because the opportunities of job openings that were given to them and because their civil rights eventually expanded.
Women’s roles change during World War II because men were gone and their responsibilities weren’t being taken care of. The women began working and doing the men’s house chores for them along with their own responsibilities has women(Graves 1-2). The women were the only people who could take the mens places and money was tight. Women were needed to get work done because it wasn't getting completed and money was coming in slowly for the business (Graves 1). A survey showed that about more than half the women working in a shipyards had children at home (Graves 2). The mothers needed to be able to feed the children while their husbands were away at war so they needed to work. The women worked in places like defense industries, welding, military supply facilities supportive services, shipyard, office work, railroads, day care centers, working with cranes, steel mills, hospital, welding, and even more kinds of jobs (Graves 1-2). Their roles change because men went off to war and started working (Graves 1).
After the war was over men came back and needed their jobs back this caused a problem for the woman. When the men finally came back from war some of the women were fine going back to the normal tradition of their past life of being housewives(Graves 4). The other women wanted to continue working instead of being housewives or women stuck at home (Graves 4). In the Bay Area about 70 percent of those women wanted to keep their jobs after the war ended due to the lack of money running in the family and other reasons like having more freedom (Graves 4). About one fifth of the women working found themselves unemployed which means the other women who weren’t unemployed may have continued working (Graves 4). The women who were still working were able to play a part in changing the original role of women. A while after World War II the original position of women was changed because some of them wanted to keep working so they could...

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