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American Politics Essay

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Due to the economic strife the American public knows all too well what a recession is. It is economic hardship that has led to the loss of thousands of jobs and businesses. This economic hardship has led to many people losing their homes, cars and other valuables. Why is it that when the Obama administration talks about the recession they refer to it as “The Bank Stabilization Plan.” (Stewart) Something that has caused the total meltdown of the American Economy being referred to as “The Bank Stabilization Plan” (Stewart) seems outright ludicrous. Even if they are in the process of fixing the problem, the government insists on using modest language to confuse the public into believing ...view middle of the document...

Whether or not the war was being fought to “eliminate” terrorist, who are a threat to the United States and to “eliminate” “weapons of mass destruction” is unknown. After the 9/11 attacks many rumors were spread on the honesty and true reason behind the war. However they are all rumors, no facts were ever found to back them up. While “the war on terror” may seem like a very convincing term, the truth of the matter is that it is just another war. A war that is being fought in Iraq, where not everyone is a terrorist, where not everyone had something to do with the World Trade Center attacks. Thanks to the term “the war on terror” many Muslims, Afghans, and other races were immediately characterized as terrorist. This is a perfect example of “pretentious diction”, Bush used words such as “eliminate” to describe what they were supposedly going to be doing in Iraq. In the 9/11 attacks “weapons of mass destruction” were not even used, unless you can classify airplanes as weapons of mass destruction. Why should the public of the United States, be convinced that the people who organized this crude act, have accessibility to these so called weapons? Bush used pretentious diction to tip-toe around the subject and get is point across in a way that seemed to be in the public’s best interest.
As if the term “war on terror” was not misleading enough, President Obama, decided to rename it in 2009 to an “oversea contingency operation.” (Stewart) Now the government is trying to make us think that the troops are being deployed to prevent something that may or may not happen, not to fight a war. The term “overseas contingency plan” goes against almost all of Orwell’s rules “Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech…”, “Never use a long word where a short one will do”, “If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.”, and most importantly “Never use passive where you can use active” (521). Nothing in the term “overseas contingency plan” is direct, it is misleading and confusing. A person in the United States whom does not have a high school diploma, can not read or speak English, which unfortunately is very common, would be completely thrown off by this term. It is unfair to the public that the government uses pompous, complicated wording to confuse them; when in fact they should be offered the truth in plain, simple words that everyone can understand.
Another topic that is always being discussed since the new Obama administration is Guantanamo Bay, where hundreds of potential terrorists are being detained without being charged. While running for the presidency, Obama claimed that he would close all such facilities since there are...

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