Amy Of Beloved And Rp Of One Flew Vs. The Cuckoo’s Nest

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Comparing Amy of Beloved and RP of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest

The gentlemen in “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” were in search of mental freedom. Fear kept them prisoners of their own minds. Perhaps the main focus of the film was to illustrate the point that we are master’s of own freedom. However, it is difficult to change our pattern of thinking. Sometimes, in fact, we need someone to show us just how it is done. Ken Kesey's character Randall P. McMurphy was always accustomed to being a wild and free spirit. His attitude was completely contagious. Often, when you experience someone with that amount of self, you begin to think that you too can do anything. RP healed more ...view middle of the document...

Instead of encouragement, she practiced breaking them down through individual control. Instead of spreading positive thinking, Ratched made the “gentlemen” feel a sense of inferiority. For example,she constantly reminded Billy of his dysfunctional relationship with his mother. When he has finally experienced some life catharsis, she robs him of the moment, questioning what this grown man’s mother would say. Ratched may have been even more damaging due to the fact that several of the gentlemen were at the Oregon hospital based on relational problems with women. Her techniques only contributed to their psychological dilemmas. Perhaps Ratched reminded them of the cold attitude of their prior marriages. Ratched’s days were one giant routine filled with zero spontaneity and dynamism. Her inflexibility knaws at McMurphy and violates every one of his freedom principles. Moreover, the nurse may have been more afraid of change than the patients she was attempting to transform. Perhaps she feared freedom from her routine. Her daily therapy sessions were always conducted in a frigid, stoic, methodical manner. Ratched never connected to her patients the way RP does, nor did she ever care to.

The response that the patients at the ward give Ratched is expected and exactly what she desires. They never challenge her authority and speak and gaze at her like weak peasants staring into the eyes of a dominant dictator. When she exclaims that “I feel like we made some progress today” they never question just what progress was made in the meeting. They believe her lies. In fact it is not until RP arrives that they understand they actually have unalienable rights as people. Like schoolteacher, nurse Ratched has trained these men to believe that her routine is the law and deviation will be tolerated. Fear has overcome them so much that they meagerly agree with her. When RP directly challenges her authority concerning the baseball game, Ratched stares into his soul as if to say, “do not question my law”. Cheswick seems be the biggest loggerhead with Ratched next to RP. When the two argue over cigarettes it really symbolizes a subconscious battle of freedom. In a sense his cry “I want my cigarettes, “ is really “I want my freedom.” Cheswick is tired of Ratched’s chains.

Schoolteacher practiced a more violent form of freedom control than Ratched. Still both had goals of possession. Ratched’s was purely mental, while schoolteacher’s was more primitive. Sometimes the mental aspect can hold an individual in more captivity. At least with physical abuse one can immediately distinguish it as corrupt. Mental abuse on the other hand deals with advantageous mind games. In a sense, Ratched also treated her patients like animals similar to schoolteacher. By this I mean she had them on a “zoo” like schedule of feeding, sleeping and daily amusement. In “Beloved” schoolteacher believed that, “…you can’t mishandle creatures and expect...

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