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I respect religions. I also understand that religions spread all over the western society, affecting almost every one in daily life. But what I can not accept is that we have connived at our religions hindering the progress of society, the development of science and the prosperity of academia even peace of life. Here I am calling, let the religious mysticism leaves the schools alone! Of course, the initiation of religions usually connects to spiritual prop and purity of soul, such as confession in Catholic. People gain strength from religions to overcome difficulties, to survive, to achieve success and to resist lure of evil. As to this, we may say religions become source of potentiality for ...view middle of the document...

Another fact is that, religions are still much too powerful in education. A most suitable candidate for the minister of education, the one who was most trusted by the president, can be easily struck off without any hesitation and replaced by some one not that capable only because she opposes prayers publicly in schools and punishes the students who force others to pray. Indeed, it is just a drama, but it's also a reflection of our real society, it may happen any time.Manipulating the operation of the education institution is just the tip of the iceberg. Religions invade and stretch to every corner of schools, not just academia, not just administration, but also students' daily life. "The medical director at Albion, Martin Holmes, has cited moral reasons for choosing not to distribute the (morning-after) pill on campus" because it "can block pregnancy even after fertilization". He "views use of the morning-after pill as abortion". The decision is described as "hindering the ability of students to exercise a personal right" by the students. To me, it is really an astonishment that some religious bigots just bully on campus and publicly force our students to accept and comply with their radical views. Yet, what shocked me is that such violation gain strong support from the college authority as "the dean of Albion issued a statement in support of the doctor's right to make this critical decision", And what worries me more is how religions shape the students' morality and perception. I am sure the bitterness of "9.11" terrorism attack still hovers in everyone's memory. But you know what, one of the identified terrorists, Atta, is a university student "who headed the university religious association to which they are all thought to have belonged". People describe that Atta was "devout, peaceful, and religiously conservative" Muslims except he was too abandon into his religious faith and resort to some extreme solution to help the poor. However, what's ironic is just in the same America, now, a religious institute "is taking aim...

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