An Addictive Personality Essay

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Be Yourself
The reasons people try to fit in, take after a family member or close friend, and obtain an addictive personality people will never know. I believe cigarette smoking is disgusting, polluting, and a slow way of killing yourself. The reasons people start could be because their personality is an addictive one, peer pressure, and maybe taking after someone they know. For whatever reason they start, it’s always their choice. I will never understand why someone would want to risk their health for cigarette smoking.
First, there are studies out there in the psychology world where they test the different types of personalities. The one that stands out to me, the most is the addictive personality. Addictive ...view middle of the document...

The group of friends people hang out with might be the ones who are rebellious. I know a group of people that get together at our field house that usually are the ones getting in trouble. Their way of having fun is having an adrenaline rush. My way of having fun is watching movies with my girlfriends, gossiping, and eating popcorn. I wouldn’t change the way I have fun to just have that rush. The reason is that they don’t want to be left out, so they decide to make the decision to start smoking.
Finally, family influences people as they grow up to be independent. If there is a family member that has smoked or someone you know that has, in my understandings that person is more likely to start smoking than someone who has not had an influence. Everyone can choose what they want to do in life but having an influence; it’s tough to stay tobacco free. I would hope the parents of children wouldn’t push it upon a child to start smoking but again, it’s the influence they receive.
Overall, my whole perspective on smoking is, don’t start. Once a person starts its harder to quit. I choose to live my life tobacco free because I would love to have a healthy life. I love each and every family member or special person that chooses to smoke; I just chose my own path. The reasons I listed why most people decide to smoke are my main reasons but I also cannot stand the smell on clothing or just trying to walk into a store without a face full of smoke. It makes me sick at my stomach smelling the cigarette smoke. I wish that every person that has started smoking had the chance to go back and choose to say, yes or no and reevaluate their decision.

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