An Analysis Of Emily Dickinson's Poem #315

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An Analysis of Emily Dickinson's Poem #315

I believe that this poem can be interpreted in many different ways. Who is to say that there can only be one explanation or meaning to Dickinson's #315? Since being introduced to this poem, I have heard many different interpretations either from others in my group or from reading about it in web sites or books. In this close reading, I will concentrate on the very first word of this text: He. I will explain who I think this person is and how "He" is responsible for the actions in this poem.

In my view, I think the one doing the action in this poem or, "He," is some form of deity. Whether it is God or just a god is beyond my ...view middle of the document...

"Before they drop the full music on -
He stuns you by degrees-"

At this point I feel Dickinson is trying to tell us that those who are in control of our soul are not in our favor. To stay consistent with my point, I think these two lines give us more detail about the deities I am proposing. In line three she uses "they" to show more than one being has an action. In line four she goes back to using "He." If my interpretation were true I would have to conclude that "He" is Zeus and the "Players" are all of the other gods below him. I think lines three and four are stating that even before the gods can give us more than we can handle - Zeus is there to deliver a blow that keeps us down for good. Why? For good measure? Perhaps it is just because he can! Whomever Dickinson is implying this to be, it is obvious that "He" is there to keep us in our place.

"By fainter Hammers - further heard -
Then nearer - Then so slow -"

I think these lines are representative of the constant rule the gods have over our lives. We can see and hear troubling times coming with little to do about them. They constantly arrive and are seemingly getting closer. The last phrase, "Then so slow," may represent the aging process. I would assume life moves at a slower pace once we reach a certain age. The wear and tear of life,...

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