An Analysis Of Sherlock Holmes' Character

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Arthur Conan Doyle is known as "the father of detective fiction". In "Sherlock Holmes stories”, the character “Sherlock Holmes” is based on the story of Joseph Bell who was a lecturer at the University of Medicine and Surgery Doctor in the in the late 19th century, Edinburgh, Scotland, whose legend brings Conan Doyle’s inspiration ”. This paper analyzes the character of Sherlock Holmes, explain why so many people all over the world are fascinated by the story in four parts. Part one is about the legend of Joseph • Bell and restore the prototype of Sherlock Holmes. Part two is the life introduction of Arthur Conan Doyle. Part three analyzes the manners, appearance and ...view middle of the document...

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Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective character, created by Arthur Conan Doyle. Holmes said he himself was a "consulting detective", When someone has problems ask him for help. Sometimes, Sherlock Holmes can solve a problem just in his home. But most of stories are about how Sherlock Holmes use his mind to fight against his enemy.
Gerhard van der Linde once has done some research on Holmes characters, and said that, Holmes’ character is interesting. He believed Holmes’ character was formed when he is young. His mother is killed by his father for affair, but his father has not been duly punished, the young Holmes suffered a lot psychologically. Therefore, sometimes he is cold. He hates women and police. He stick to his "justice" standard in his heart. He conducted a "consulting detective" several times before the police find the murderer.
According to astrology, Holmes is a typical Capricorn. Typical Capricorn are classic workaholics. They seldom show their feelings and keep a distance to women because they do not trust them. They are also perfectionists, everything had to be done by themselves. Capricorn often get into a melancholy mood.
This paper analyzes the character of Sherlock Holmes, and explain why so many people all over the world are fascinated by the story in four parts.
Firstly, let the reader understand the legend of Joseph • Bell and restore the prototype of Sherlock Holmes. Secondly, life introduction of Arthur Conan Doyle is given and then manners, appearance and detective skills of Sherlock Holmes is analyzed, in this way, Sherlock Holmes’ character is shown. Last but not the least, the reason why analyses the character of Sherlock Holmes is to confirm the truth that Sherlock Holmes, the protagonist of the novel will live forever in our hearts.
Through the above four parts, we can understand why the existence of Sherlock Holmes to the hearts of people for so long.When we said something about detective, the first figure that prompt in our mind is Sherlock Holmes. Although he is a character in a fiction , we believe he is a person living with us. His character explain why he can live in our heart forever.

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Chapter One Legend of Joseph • Bell

The surgeon Joseph Bell was a Scottish medical lecturer. He had a reputation as an excellent diagnostician for his ability to observe and interpret the appearance of patients. He achieved fame as the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.
Bell graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1859. He then worked as a house physician and medical lecturer, and became a senior surgeon to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh in 1872. He supported the professional of nursing and became the founder and Vice-President of the...

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