An Analysis Of The Carrying Capacity

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An Analysis of the Carrying Capacity with special references to Malta in 2007/2008.

Social carrying capacity is used as a generic term to include both the levels of tolerance of the host population, as well as the quality of the experience of visitors to the area.

Levels of capacity for the components may be expressed in terms of:
• Number of tourists and tourist/recreation activity types which can be absorbed
without affecting the sense of identity, life style and social patterns and activities of
host communities,
• Level and type of tourism which does not alter significantly local culture in direct or
indirect ways in terms of arts, crafts, belief systems, ceremonies, ...view middle of the document...

We are going to see Statistics from NSO 2007/2008 Figures and checking whether 105,000 - 38,000 have been exceeded or not and then finding the population density of Malta.

The process of defining and implementing TCC and a broader process of planning for sustainable tourism, which are parallel and complementary processes, can provide a general framework which could guide the local community, planners and decisionmakers.

This framework consists of principles, goals, objectives and policy measures in regard to tourist development in an area on the basis of the area’s distinctive characteristics/features respecting local capacities to sustain tourism.
Setting capacity limits for sustaining tourism activity in a place involves a vision about local development and decisions about managing tourism. These should be carried in the context of democratic community strategic planning, which requires participation of all major actors and the community at large. Consultation with relevant stakeholders is a key issue at all stages. The whole process is dynamic and cyclical.

Overall measuring Tourism Carrying Capacity does not have to lead to a single number (threshold), like the number of visitors. Even when this is achieved this limit does not necessarily obey to objectively, unchangeable, ever lasting criteria. An upper and a lower limit of TCC can be of more use than a fixed value. TCC assessment should provide not only the maximum but also the minimum level of development, that is the lowest level, necessary for sustaining local communities. In addition, TCC may contain various carrying capacity limits in respect to the three components (physical- ecological, social-demographic and political ' economic). “Carrying capacity is not a scientific concept or formula of obtaining a number, beyond which development should cease. The eventual limits must be considered as a guidance. They should be carefully assessed and monitored, complemented with other standards, etc. Carrying capacity is not fixed. It develops with time and the growth of tourism and can be affected by management techniques and controls” (Saveriades, 2000).

The process of defining TCC is composed of two parts (it follows in principle the conceptual framework for TCC as described by Shelby and Heberlein (1986)). Descriptive part (A): Describes how the system (tourist destination) under study works, including physical, ecological, social, political and economic aspects of tourist development. Within this context of particular importance is the identification of:
Constraints: limiting factors that cannot be easily managed. They are not flexible, in the sense that the application of organisational, planning, and management approaches, or the development of appropriate infrastructure does not alter the thresholds associated with such constraints.

A brief Reminder, Carrying capacity refers to the number of individuals who can be supported in a given area within natural resource...

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