An Appeal For Help And Cooperation For The Marginalized And Tribals Of West Bengal

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To The Wellwishers
West Bengal
Sub: Request for help and cooperation for the marginalized and tribal people of West Bengal.
Dear Sir,
We are a voluntary organization. We are registered under the West Bengal Government. We are working for 20 years with the tribals and marginalized women, men and children. We are working for the people of Bankura and Purulia. We want a solution for their food and clothes. Along with their problem in clothes, we are also helping to sort out their social problems. For a long 20 years, we have done work in the fields where people have not worked with at present. These works will be a remarkable evidence in the days to come.

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so that they can earn a living from them. In the Singur block, the women and housewives are trained in handicrafts. We are arranging a fair on handicrafts. We have arranged a handicrafts fair in Sonarpur on February 4-6 and it has been successful. We have done cultural programs and handicrafts fair in different districts. We have a lot of collection of folk songs and handicrafts. We have set up a Jhumur Song Research Centre. A room has been set up from the money donated from the European Union. from Kolkata helped us in raising funds. Our organization has earned the reputation in Bankura district. Our organization has earned the reputation in the training of handicrafts at Bankura. Nearly 4000 to 4500 girls have been trained in preparation of incense sticks, detergent powder, jute, date palm leaves, and babui grass rope. The hand-driven handloom machine has been used for training 150 marginalized women in the preparation of towel, bedsheets, cloth of salwar kameez, etc.
Computer education has been given to nearly 600 girls and boys in...

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