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An Argument Of The Lack Of Lawyer?S Morals

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Synthesis Paper

     I clearly remember one wild and crazy Saturday night, I had just turned 19 years old and was out celebrating with my buddies. On my way home I decided to act like if I was on an episode of “COPS” and was arrested for drunk driving, reckless driving, evading police, resisting arrest, and underage drinking. When I went to court for my first hearing I was facing a minimum of one year in jail, five thousand dollars in fines, and a two year suspension of my drivers license. Right then I knew then that I had to find myself a lawyer and was not going to settle for a worthless public defender. As I was walking out of the courtroom a lawyer approached ...view middle of the document...

After a long and timely lawsuit, McDonald’s lost the case and the jury awarded Liebeck 2.9 million dollars. We all know that Liebeck was at fault for spilling coffee on herself, but to the lawyer it doesn’t matter. He saw a big opportunity to sue a successful business (McDonald’s) for a huge amount of money. It doesn’t really matter if Liebeck was negligent. The lawyer just had to find enough evidence to show that somehow Liebeck was a victim. When this much money is at stake lawyers will find loopholes and ways around the law in order to make money. I believe that the lawyer didn’t care about Liebeck’s injuries he was just interested in his commission.

The second case I will discuss is Lucas Vs New York City Transit Authority. This case is about Lucas and how both his legs were severed by a subway train and sued for his injuries. The facts of the case state that Lucas jumped down to the subway tracks and stretched across the tracks. The motorist operating the subway train pulled the emergency break as soon as he saw Lucas, but was unable to stop before severing both of the plaintiff’s legs right under the knees. Lucas then with the assistance of his lawyer filed a lawsuit against the New York Transit. At court Lucas claimed that his actions the day of the accident were involuntary and the result of postictal psychosis from epilepsy. Lucas had suffered a seizure earlier that day and had been at the hospital and didn’t feel well. Lucas claimed that the operator of the subway train was negligent and should be held liable for not stopping the subway train before he was ran over. Lucas had been unemployed for a long period of time, had previously attempted suicide. Lucas had also been drinking alcohol the day of the accident and all the facts described a suicide attempt. I believe that Lucas was trying to commit suicide, but failed in doing so. I don’t know whether Lucas won the case or not but I do know that his lawyer saw the opportunity to sue the New York Transit for large sum of money and did. This goes to show again like in the first case that it doesn’t matter whether the client was innocent or at fault. The lawyer just wanted a chance to sue a large business millions of dollars.

The third case I will be discussing will be State of Florida Vs Miller. This is a case of three young adults (Miller, Baillie, and Cole) having fun and pulling a prank. One night the three young adults after a couple of drinks decided to take down a number of street signs, dead end signs, and stop signs in a specific area. A couple of days later a horrible...

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