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An Article Review Of How To Develop A Grant Proposal Budget

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A budget in a grant proposal is the main element. For it to be effective it has to outline the proposed project in fiscal terms and it must also help the reviewers to determine how the project will be conducted. It should contain information about how the activities will be undertaken, the personnel who will be involved and how the project will be managed. The budget should be containing all the details of the costs, supplies, personnel and the activities required by the project. The project is only feasible when it is within the budget. In case the costs are omitted the project will not be deemed as feasible. Secondly the budget should be reasonable by being based on actual costs.
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I agree to the facts that have been highlighted by mark and especially the point that a budget should contain its own narrative to explain it.
The second article in my review is “Getting your grant proposal right by Heidi J. Kramer” the reason why I selected this article over many others is because Kramer has highlighted some of the relevant principles that a person should consider when developing a budget in a project proposals. The first principle is to make sure that the budget is printed on a new page. This will make the budget easily accessible because some of the reviewers would like to look at the budget before they look at anything else in the proposal. So by putting it in its own page you are making it easy for the reviewers to access it. The second principle is to make sure that all the figures are aligned well. The figures should be equally aligned. The third principle is to double or triple check the figures to remove all the errors and omissions that might be present in the budget. The final principle according to Kramer is to ensure that you include the column headings such as the requested funds, budget category, local contributions and the project total (Krammer, 2010). From this article every one would agree with Kramer that it is obvious to make sure that the budget is neat by printing it on a new page. It is also important to double check your work before sending it to the donors. This article concurs with what we have been learning in class.
The final article in my review is “How to develop a proposal budget” by Dan Safford. The reason for choosing this article is because Safford has given out some guidelines for developing a budget which are practical and relevant to my course work He...

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