An Artist's Representation Of Their World

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Describe how artists represent their world through their artworks.

An artist's artwork is an illustration and portrayal of their world, their influences and their's or other's perspectives. Australian artists including John Coburn, Jane Sutherland, Brett Whiteley and Lin Onus use their world to express the meaning behind their artworks. They use aspects of the world; culture, the environment, society and politics as themes of their artworks, which shows that an artists world is represented in their artwork.

The world around John Coburn is the main influence behind his artworks, as he represents the aboriginal culture in his paintings. Coburn himself is not an aboriginal or ...view middle of the document...

Jane Sutherland produced artworks of “remarkable freshness that captured the light atmosphere of everyday places and events,” like in her landscape painting Field of Naturalists. She painted pictures portaying people in the landscape who 'are at home in the environment,' which was a representation of her world. The Australian artist Brett Whiteley portrayed the more violent side of society in his artworks.

Brett Whiteley, one of Australia's most renowned and successful artists, depicted thre more brutal aspects of his world: his society, in his paintings. Originally from London, Whiteley had an increasing interest in the Chrsitie murders which were occuring at the time, which involved violent deaths and sexual assualt against women. These shocking murders got inside Whiteley's imagination and inspired his Christie Series. This was a series of paintings which were quite modernist and featured violent and complex images, which symbolised his world at the time. The most notable of the series was the painting Christie and Hectorina. It was this violent society Whiteley was living in that he chose to express in his paintings. Similarly, Lin Onus painted the political aspect of society in his artwork.

Lin Onus was born in Australia to a British mother and an Aboriginal father, hence his artworks represent both worlds as he attempts to bridge the gap between the two. In his paintings and sculptures he portrays the...

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