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An Assessment On Philippine Politics, Economy And Education

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Assessment on EducationIn the past few years, government had been funding public schools to augment the school's need, of course, and to improve the system of education that surge in the urban and the rural areas here in the country.However, there seemed to be a leak in the system. The interest of government in education seemed to be drowned out from the political upheavals and other perils continually agitating the country. Education was third priority from debt servicing and defense in 2005 budget allocation. There is actually a significant point that needs to be raised in this moment.Increases in funds do not automatically reflect a dramatic result in advanced performance while public ...view middle of the document...

If properly utilized, these trained personnel could facilitate economic development, but when left idle or forced to take jobs beneath their qualifications, this group could be a major source of discontent. It all really boils down to the quality of education that schools offer.Now, how do they come up with a solution? Well, it's for the government to know and for us to find out. Anyhow, let me give you my proposals in the next article on how these problems could be somehow remedied or -better yet- regarded to.Proposals on EducationIn the previous article, we are completely aware that there is a need. There are problems like shortages- on funds, chairs, classrooms, textbooks, and even teachers-, low mastery levels of students, and poor quality of human resources.First of all, the government must set its priorities straight! Education must be first on the list, in terms of budget allocation, to avoid shortages on funds, chairs, classrooms, textbooks, and teachers. As a result, the problems on these shortages will be diminished. Education has the right fund for everything- chairs, classrooms, and textbooks. Therefore, more students could attend school and learn more. Other problems, such as poor teacher performance, reflected overcrowded classrooms, lack of particular language skills, and low wages. If teachers are paid well and placed in a comfy place, then not only the teachers' poor performance would alleviate but the students' as well. It is a good thing that different corporate assistances are continuing to support in upgrading the quality of education in more than 40,000 schools across the country. I encourage that private sectors who support in upgrading the system of education in the country continue work hand-in-and with the Department of Education. Demographic distribution of schools must also be taken into consideration; even the remotest area should have an institution of learning. Education is free and compulsory and it should be proximate to everyone. Moreover, in the micro level of education, communities that have schools in their premise must take charge and initiate responsibility in improving the quality of education in their areas. The center is on the school head, which has the power and empowered by the law, who must draw strict implementations that would hone and harness ones ability and skills.Education is a powerful weapon against poverty. It is actually a good idea. We should all have a positive outlook. I am optimistic that the political upheavals we are experiencing will soon be gone and that good education will all set us free.Assessment on the EconomyThe Philippines' economy have been resilient in the past years, it has withstand numbers of ordeal, turmoil, and, fortunately, coup. Indeed the Philippine economy is as flexible as it could get, but for how long?Recently, the peso, whose exchange rate has always been watch as the indicator of monetary stability, staged a rebound. The rebound merely tells us that the...

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