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An Effective Urban Educator: My Future In Education

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There are many things that can define an effective urban educator. Some of these are dependent on the school setting, some on the home setting, some on the community setting, and others still from different elements of a child’s life. I’ve decided to look at limitations that schools place on teachers, an aspect of multicultural education in the classroom, an aspect of cultural background in the community and school population, and parental involvement in students’ education.
A characteristic of an effective urban teacher is the ability to face and challenge the bureaucracy. In my fieldwork, for example, the elementary teacher is given a schedule with specific times for each subject. If this ...view middle of the document...

For the majority of us, we will be confronted with different ethnic groups that come from varied backgrounds in our teaching career. Incorporating all of these cultures into your curriculum will help keep your students involved with and learning from the lessons that are taught. This incorporation is formally called contextualized teaching and learning (Pugach, 216). Further, incorporating the backgrounds of the students could end up teaching them more about where they come from and enrich their cultural foundation, as well as the rest of the class’s and your own. I feel that this won’t be as difficult for me, as I went to an urban high school that was similar in makeup to MPS. I was able to learn from my peers with different backgrounds there, and I feel I will face more diversity when the time comes to teach, so I will apply the lessons learned from there and Pugach to connect with my students.
A subset of multicultural education is the addressing of nonstandard English and foreign languages present in the classroom. I shall focus on the treatment of Ebonics in school. I had always viewed it as being detrimental to a child’s success. However, Pugach explains that the correct handling of Ebonics has several parts: “Teachers need to set parameters for when they expect a student to use (or try to use) standard English and when it is appropriate to use their first language…. Forbidding students to speak their first language at all in school is both unrealistic and unnecessary” (Pugach, 227). I feel I would have been endlessly correcting students to try and assimilate them more into society. Looking back, that isn’t much different than what the Europeans did to the Native Americans. Setting guidelines for when to use standard English versus first language will bridge the gap between teacher and student and allow the student to retain his culture while also assimilating to the society at large. This will also allow the students to maintain a stronger bond with peers, as they all might still speak the same language/dialect. Traits that the students share will also prove helpful in connecting with people in the community who speak their dialect.
Parental involvement can make a large difference in the challenges an urban educator faces. If the parents are involved with their child, then homework is more likely to be done and the child is more likely to keep up with the pace of schoolwork. Enlisting parents...

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