An Environment Analysis Of Domino’s Pizza

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One of the following is an environment analysis of “largest Pizza chains” in the US and International. In the following sections, we will assess the environment analysis on “consumer satisfaction” and its re-formulated pizza recipe. Within the re-formulating and the expansion of its menu, we will see how they have been able to recapture some of the market with existing and new customers, with customer satisfaction and excellent delivery. Domino’s Pizza, for example, they have re-formulated their ingredients and added new items to their menu, but like Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Caesar, we will discuss their strength’s and weakness to be able to survive in the Pizza Industry. ...view middle of the document...

The biggest challenge they face, like any food industry, is to determine whom to expand, and whom to offer to while making a successful business. From a global perspective, the industry had a strategic planning as far as researching which countries can they introduce a new product and service. Whether its pizza, wings, sandwiches, and pastry, the goal was to bring awareness that other products and services are available. In 2009, there were sales of 11.22 million dollars between the top 4 competitors; Domino’s alone had sales of 3.03 million dollars and in 2010, they had 2.95 million in international sales only. US pizza sales were dominantly shared between these pizzerias, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s and Little Caesar’s, combined owned more than 30.91 % and in 2010, it has decreased to 27.48% due to new products and alternatives. Another technological trend that was introduces for convenience purpose was on-line ordering. Many people love this new trend because, they are able to view the entire menu and choose exactly what they want on their pizza without being rushed, and they are able to look at the final price, not getting to the register and have a surprise waiting for them.

Social Culture and Global

Domino’s has taken the initiative the re-design their recipe, and offer new products and better service. Currently they offer services in US, Canada, UK, Africa, South America, and other parts of Europe. Domino’s networks 4,422 international franchise stores located around the world, their ingredients changes to meet each regions taste. Their competitors such as Pizza hut also offer their services in the same areas; they offer their services in 95 countries. Domino’s has also introduces social media, such as twitter, these types of applications provide users with the ability to share information. Other benefits from twitter are that people can virtually access them from any device and follow updates, events, and other information from computers, mobile devices (iPhone, androids, and tablets) as they please.


People in general are always seeking for new menu items such as options that can create the ultimate pizza, or looking for an alternative, such as healthy eating. Pizzas being a popular product appealing to wide demographics in the US, restaurants are part of American culture. The pizza industry account for 11.7% of the food industry, which recorded 37 billion dollars in sales alone between 2008 and 2009. According to the text, 45% of adults say that restaurants are part of their lifestyles, which keeps them going to their favorite restaurants. Also, in the text 40% of adults claim they eat pizza at least once a month according to the pole, which ages ranged from 30-49 years of age. Another interesting statement in the book was that married couples or parents are more likely to take out than dine in due to their children. The main goal of their target audience is the general public; after all...

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