An Essay About Saint Francis Of Assisi

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The name Saint Francis of Assisi Makes Most PeopleThink of a cute lawn figure that's surrounded by birds or ofa man who had a great love for animals, nature, and poetry.St. Francis had an unswerving desire to imitate Our CrucifiedSaviourFrancis Bernadone Known as Francis Of Assisi was bornin Assisi in 1182 to Pietro and Picca Bernadone. Pietro wasa cloth merchant and probably one of the richest men inAssisi. He was more in wealth as the young Francis haddemonstrated keen business skills. Francis, however, wasnot like his greedy father. Rich, he was always quick to sharehis good fortune with his friends and even with the poor.Known as the king of youth, for his joyful ...view middle of the document...

And then Francis asked, Lord, what would youhave me do? God said, Return home and you will be toldwhat to do. From then on, Francis began to serve the King ofkings and to be a holy knight.Francis was a totally Different man. His love grew greatlyfor the poor, and Francis himself began a life of poverty. In1206, while on a wild journey, Francis met a leper , butovercoming his lower nature, he reached out andapproached the man. Afterwards, he explained , what hadformerly been bitter, had become sweet and what wasformerly sweet, had become bitter. As he came to realizeJesus in the poor and His beauty and his belief Deepened.One day while Francis was praying before Our Lord's will,Jesus spoke to him from the cross"Francis, repair My house which, as you can see, hasfallen and is ruined." Right Away Francis began to rebuildthe church of San Damiano, which was in need of repairs,and other churches as well. He begged supplies for thelove of God. At first people thinking Francis was crazy, buthis Gospel witness soon inspired a bunch of followerswhich included his former friends and clergy. He even wonthe support of Bishop Guido of Assisi who recognized hisgrace working in the Poverello. His father, however,remained ignorant. In 1209, a formal way of life wasadopted by Francis. After Mass, he was inspired to openthe Scriptures three times. The three verses went like this:1) If you would be perfect, go and sell all you have and giveto the poor, and follow me. 2) Take nothing with you for thejourney; and 3) If any man will follow me, let him deny himself,take up his cross and follow me.

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