An Essay Based On Class Handouts That States The Opinion That Isreal And Palestine Will Never Be Able To Live Side By Side In Peace

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After reading the three handouts, "1948 Arab-Israeli War," "Palestine, Iraq and American Strategy," and "The Contest For Palestine," I have come to the inevitable conclusion that Palestine and Israel may never come to a peaceful agreement. The people there do not want to work together and they do not want to listen to anyone else. Several incidents have occurred there that prove the problem may never be fixed.One such incident was known as "The Wailing Wall Incident." The wall made up the western side of ...view middle of the document...

These are not the actions of a people willing to come to a peaceful compromise.Outside influences have also caused problems for the groups. In 1939, at the start of the Holocaust, the British issued a mandate that severely limited the number of Jews allowed to immigrate to Israel. While this arrangement pleased the Muslim population, many Jews believe this contributed to the deaths of countless Jewish people. This turned the Jews against both the Arabs and the British, thereby making peace talks between the three countries less effective.The Muslim populations fear that they could become a minority, coupled with the Jews fears of losing their homeland, has created much unrest in the region. Palestine's anger at America for taking Israel's side has made the Palestine area a safe have for anti-American terrorists. With the dislike of America strong in the Muslim people, they are less likely to listen to American resolutions on their problems.The political unrest of Israel may always be present. The Muslims and Jews cannot come to a peaceful conclusion on their own. They are also not willing to listen to other world powers. This is why Israel has always been and probably always will be a war torn country.

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