An Ethical Assessment Of The Acme, Inc. Environment

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An Ethical Assessment of the ACME, Inc. Environment
April 3, 2016

ACME, Inc. is a company that is heavily regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The company is preparing for an audit. In view of the recent toxic waste spill occurring on company grounds, it has raised concerns for management and an employee. Mary, who is the employee aware of the situation, was approached by her boss and told not to mention the hazardous spill. At a later time, Mary witnessed her boss getting rid of documents that had been specifically requested by the EPA. When Mary identified to her boss that she was uncomfortable with the situation, she was ...view middle of the document...

, 1981).
Unlike some laws, employment at-will favors the employer and employee. With respects to the employer, it allows for flexibility and ease of firing an employee without being held legally responsible. This can act in the employer’s behalf in that should an employee’s performance not be a good fit or a disruption to the company, management can relieve this type of employee without violating the law. Thus, saving the company the addition expense of keeping them on the payroll. In like manner, should an employee realize the company or its employer(s) are not what they anticipated, they can freely leave without being contractually bound. Thus, this law allows for the employer and employee time to sort each other out.
With respects to the ACME, Inc. scenario and in viewing the situation through the employment at-will law, Mary’s boss is able to fire her whenever he pleases. Since Mary freely chose to work for the company under the employment at-will agreement and terms, it was incumbent upon her to understand what this entailed. The law will support the fact that she chose to work for ACME under this form of agreement unless otherwise stipulated in a contract. In essence, Mary’s boss can interpret her actions as unacceptable and creating problems, which if continued, may result in her boss firing her…….
According to Mejeur (2010), a whistleblower is a person who reports any illegal, fraudulent, or wrongdoing in an institution. So long as Mary does not make any reports of the wrongdoing to the media or knowingly makes false claims, she will continue to be protected under the Public Interest Disclosure Act of 1998. Under this act, there is no time frame, past, present, or future, as to when an issue can be raised. Once Mary discloses the wrongdoing to her boss or other appropriate representative, an investigation of the wrongdoing should be initiated. Based on the outcome of the investigation, the proper action(s) or measures should be instituted.
Another act that protects whistleblowers is the OSHA Act section 11(c), which also protects employees who report wrongdoings such as violations of workplace health and safety, reporting work-related injuries, and workers participating in inspections or speaking to investigators (OSHA, 2016). In applying this particular law to the situation, Mary’s boss is in direct violation if he refuses Mary to speak to the EPA inspectors….
Ethical Frameworks
In a society where all kinds of ethical decisions are constantly being made, there are times when identifying the best course of action may be difficult, especially when faced with an ethical dilemma. In these instances, having an ethical framework can help guide the individual into making the most...

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