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An Evaluation Of An Alternative Approach To Quality Control And The Effects

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An evaluation of an alternative approach to quality control and the effects

Alternative method for Quality Control that FPS can use
Quality control is a system for ensuring the maintenance of proper standards in manufactured goods, especially by periodic random inspections of the product. A strategy that can be used to ensure this and to suit FPS is to test each individual compartment separately this also add value because your in the process of assembling different products to form fire extinguishers. Don't get me wrong however you would still have to check the final product but there is a higher percentage that it would work than leaving it to inspect at the end. As I said in my other ...view middle of the document...

The compartments that make a fire extinguisher are:
Cylinder - Holds extinguishing agent and expelling gases
Handle - Used to carry and hold extinguisher
Trigger - When pressed, releases extinguishing agent through hose and nozzle
Nozzle or Horn - Agent expelled through these items
Pressure Gauge - Shows pressure of the extinguishing agent being stored in the cylinder. The indicator should be in the green area. But Co2 extinguishers do not have a pressure gauge.
And the process FPS take to make it are fitting them together, filling, labelling, bonding, packing ad distributing. If for e.g. instead of waiting for the product to made to find the handle breaks because the cylinder was made to heavy or the handle wasn't strong enough they should test it individually. If you just got the cylinder and the handle together and picked it up and it fell off/broke then you would know what your problem was and could deal with it their and then rather than wasting extra components as you got to keep testing it to see what the problem was, this way it would get dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Evaluate the impact of your suggested method on the functions of the business.
The functions of business are:
• Finance
• Sales
• Human resources
• Marketing
• Research and development
My strategy can have an affect on each one of these functions and below I will explain how this is.

Within this department it deals with the money side, with what ever you do you always need money. In deals with money coming in and out of the business and with my strategy it plays a major roll. Finance department will set limits for the company to spend on the production of the fire extinguishers. The budget that they set can't go over that price. So to ensure that they do not go over budget and by making mistakes such as leaving it to be tested once it has been produced that can be the reason why they can go over budget . With setting a limit of money they can spend it will make you wearier of throwing away money but with my strategy it will decrease the percentage for waste. Finance department will try and keep the money going out of the business to a minimal so that they can spread the money sufficiently on other things like wages, new machinery etc so this plays an important part of my new strategy as you have to make sure the money given to you by finance is not wasted.

Human resource
This department deals with recruitment and ensure that all employees are trained thoroughly and keep them motivated. IF FPS uses my suggested method within this department they will have the roll of employing the staff that are actually going to be producing the product. Personnel will make sure that all engineers and who ever else works on the project has the correct training to endure high quality goods. If there was no Human resources team then the project would be in shambles and the employees would be basically guessing on how they make it rather than...

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