An Evaluation On The Socio Economic Characteristics Of Solar Lighting Users To Determine The Market Segment For Solar Products As A Basis For Expansion: The Case Of Card Bdsfi Experience, Philippines

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Submitted to; Dean Agnes Rola In fulfillment of the requirements for PAF 203 2nd sem 2011-2012 University of the Philippines College of Public Affairs


I. Introduction In the Philippines, until today, some remote parts of the country do not have access to electricity. According to DOE, twenty two percent (22%) in the Philippines as of the moment is still unelectrified (Table 1). This can be attributed to scattered areas in the Philippines, thereby leaving the ...view middle of the document...

Statement of the Problem What are the socio economic characteristics of Solar Lighting Users to assess the market segment for solar products? III. Objective of the Study Determine the socio economic Characteristics of Solar lighting users to assess the market segment for solar products IV. Methodology a. Locale and Duration of the Study The data were collected from Masbate and Oriental Mindoro from November to December, 2011. It was collected through the microfinance network of CARD BDSFI through its account officers and unit managers. The areas are representative districts where CARD branch office exists. Oriental Mindoro and Masbate were both considered since they are island provinces where CARD started and from secondary data, both accounts for 27% (Bicol Region) to 35% (Mimaropa) Household without access to electricity. b. Respondents The population samples are non CARD and CARD MRI clients who have availed or purchase solar lights. The population belongs to rural provincial areas not covered by electrical installations or in regions with electricity shortage. c. Sampling Procedure To determine the sample size of the total population of Solar Light users, the following formula was used to determine the sample size. n=N 1+ Ne Where; n = sizes of the sample for respondents N = population size of solar technology users e = desired margin of error From the data, the total number of products that were distributed in Masbate and Oriental Mindoro is 1,110 as of December 2011. Using the formula; n = N 1+ Ne n = 1,110 1+ 1,110x2% n = 48

d. Data Collection Procedure Primary data was obtained from 48 respondents through semi structured questionnaire. The data were tabulated and have used means, frequencies, percentages and descriptive analysis. V. Results and Discussion The results of the survey made were tabulated using the following Socio Economic Characteristics; Sex, Age, Marital Status, Household Size, Education, Household Income, Landholding and Occupation The results of the primary data collected are presented in Table 2. Table 2. Socio Economic Characteristics of Solar Light users, December 2011, Masbate and Oriental Mindoro
Socio Economic No. of respondents Nominal Sex Male Female Average Age Marital Status Single Married Widow Separated Average HH size Education No education Elementary Highschool College Average Landholding 0.5 has and less 0.6 has and above Occupation Farming Business Service Total 48 14 34 38 4 40 2 2 5 13 13 20 2 35 13 16 6 26 29% 71% Percentage

8% 83% 4% 4%

27% 27% 42% 4% 73% 27% 33% 13% 54%

a. Sex
Pictogram 1. Sex of the Solar Users, December 2011, Masbate and Oriental Mindoro MALE FEMALE Each picture represents 7 persons

Thirty four (34) females have purchased the solar light while fourteen (14) males have purchased the solar units (Pictogram 1). The solar units were course through the center meetings of CARD. b. Age
Table 3. Age of the solar users, December 2011, Masbate and Oriental Mindoro
Age 1...

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