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An Experiment To Investigate Osmosis In Plant Tissue

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An Experiment to Investigate Osmosis in Plant Tissue

Aim: To conduct an investigation to compare the osmotic behavior of
two types of plant tissue in varying concentrations of sucrose
solution. To find the point at which there is no change in mass or
length of a specific plant tissue in a certain sucrose solution, the
point of equilibrium, where sucrose and water contents are both equal
in the solution and the tissue.

Introduction: When a plant cell is placed in a sucrose solution there
may be a change in mass and length depending on the sucrose solution
and tissue itself. A tissue is a group of similar cells that perform
the same task or ...view middle of the document...

If plant tissue has a higher water potential than
the solution it is put into and the solution was highly concentrated
then enough water could be lost through osmosis so that the plants
cells would lose all water from their sap vacuoles becoming flaccid
and eventually water would be lost from the cytoplasm that would lead
to the cells becoming damaged beyond repair and are said to have
become plasmolysed. If this happened in the opposite direction and
water moved through osmosis into the tissue then the cells would
become turgid as they gained in mass and length and eventually cells
would be unable to take on more water and the cells are said to have
become fully turgid. The cell would not die or become at all damaged
as it has a cellulose cell wall that maintains its shape. In the
experiment we are going too use potato tissue and Chinese radish
tissue as the two different types of plant tissues. Potato cells have
been used previously in a very similar experiment and have shown the
effects of osmosis very well. Chinese radish cells are also very good
at showing osmosis and will exaggerate the results as we have been
told by our teachers.


i. 250mls 1.0 Molar sucrose solution

ii. 250mls of Distilled water

iii. 12 pieces of already cut (untrimmed) potato chips in foil

iv. 12 pieces of already cut (untrimmed) Chinese radish chips in

v. 2 10ml syringes

vi. 14 test tubes holding minimum of 20ml

vii. Scalpel

viii. Tile

ix. Tissue paper

x. Electronic balance

xi. mm ruler

xii. Forceps

xiii. Test tube rack

xiv. Small sieve

xv. Clock


Preparing solutions for osmosis experiment

These values were used as they cover a large range and have been used
in a previous experiment and were successful. The different
concentrations can be easily made by simply mixing a certain amount of
distilled water and 1.0 Molar sucrose solution. When preparing
solutions make sure to use different syringes for the water and
sucrose solution. If the same syringe is used then the concentrations
will be less accurate. Make 2 lots of each concentration totaling ten.
Place in test tube in two rows of 5 starting with lowest concentration
first for the first row and then repeated on the second.

Distilled water

1.0M sucrose solution

















Controlling Variables

When conducting the experiment you must be very careful as to keep
certain factors as constant as possible. In this experiment we are
only intending to vary the concentrations of the solutions. To make
the experiment as fair and as accurate as...

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