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An Exploratory Study Of The Asian Youth Markets Behaviour Towards Asian Tour Operators

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TABLE OF CONTENTS:1. RESEARCH PROBLEM: 22. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES: 23. LITERATURE REVIEW 33.1. ATTITUDES AND CHANGED ATTITUDES 33.2 PERCEPTIONS 63.3 CONSUMER DECISION MAKING PROCESS 103.3.1 Types of Decision Making 103.3.2 Typical Decision Making Process 123.3.3 Evaluation of Alternatives: 143.3.4 Product Choice 154. SYNOPSIS: 165. REFERENCES 17Title: "An exploratory study of the Asian youth markets behaviour towards Asian tour operators"1. Research problem:The outline of the problem is that Asian tour operators are hugely attracting the older Asian generation, and are unable to draw the youth Asian ...view middle of the document...

According to the research that has been operated until now, through academics papers, different debates and issues have arisen surrounding the topic of changed behaviour.However, considering the research objectives of this study the review of literature will be concentrated on: The formation of attitudes The influence of perception and behaviour The consumer decision-making process.3.1. Attitudes and Changed attitudesFirstly, it is important to define what an attitude is; according to Solomon (2004) "Attitude is a lasting general evaluation of people, objects, advertisements or issue".An attitude is a key element in helping an individual to form a decision and to make a choice in order to predict behaviour, however, attitudes also serve many other functions, and serves the purpose to facilitate different social behaviours.Katz (1960) proposes that: "Attitudes serve important psychological functions for individuals and can be classified to the functions they met"Furthermore, Sheth (2003) provides his own definition of attitudes. Attitudes are learned predispositions to respond to an object or class ofobjects in a consistently favourable, or unfavourable way. This definition has several implications: Attitudes are learned. Hence, they are formed on the basis of experience or with information about the object, this maybe through word-of-mouth; as an example Asian tour operators are not well known, in comparison with other brands such as Thomson or Thomas Cook etc hence a person may have a negative attitude toward the former type of product. Attitudes are predispositions. As such, they reside in the mind. Attitudes cause consistent response. They precede and produce behaviour, this implies that once an attitude is formed, it is some what difficult to alter, e.g. an Asian youth may perceive the Asian tour operator product to be boring, hence they will have a negative attitude about the product and will not choose the product for that reason. Once this attitude is formed, it is difficult for a Tour operator to alter this attitude in a positive way.The ABC model takes a closer look at attitudes through describing the three major components; these consist of affect, behaviour and cognition. The following is a description of the three components of the ABC model as defined by Soloman (2004):Firstly, Affect is linked with the way consumers feel about the attitude object, secondly behaviour is the persons intentions to do something with regard to an attitude object, and finally cognition refers to the needs that the consumer has about the attitude object. Hawkins summarizes the attitudes object in the following figure:Figure 3: Attitudes Components spSources: Hawkins, Del I. (2004), "Consumer Behavior: Building marketing Strategy", 9th edition MC-Graw -Hill / Irwin.Soloman illustrates that there are different levels of commitment, which comprise from attitude; In relation to the question under...

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