An Extract From Blanches Diary; A Creative Text Based On The Play A Streetcar Named Desire By Tennessee Williams

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The spelling is far from perfect and definitly needs to be overviewed and correct if one wishes to use the essay.Actual textproduction:Sunday, May 5, 1933Dear DiaryI have met the most amazing man. He is not like others, not like the boy I have met earlier... he is special...different. He has the bluest eyes, just like a deep blue ocean. Stella seems to notice that something has changed around me. She is asking questions...strange once... just as if she knew about Him. I am going to see him to night. If all goes well I will tell Stella about him in the morning. If all goes well... If all goes well I might even get married soonWednesday, August 19, 1934Dear Diary!Mother is completely ...view middle of the document...

.. the music... it will not go away... and the shot...Monday, March 15, 1941Stella has left me. Death is creeping around our feet here at Belle Reeve. One can smell it...I hear the music again...the is laud to night. I have to leave... I need kindness... the shoot; I need to hear the shot... Perhaps the kindness of a stranger will help me to night...Why does the music never end... where is the shot...?Thursday, September 30, 1943Stella has married a man... Stanley. My Stella, Stella for a star. She left Belle Reve, she left me with death... Death is everywhere is slowly drowning me... I will leave too... Strangers... I need them...Oh no light... I cannot be exposed to light... The polka... why does it keep coming back? The night... the music... Alan...the shot... It has to end... I need to hear the shotSaturday, February 18, 1945They are all dying. The money... the people... Belle Reve... There is no way out... the Polka is present open much light. I work with them... the beautiful boys, I shall teach them poetry and life... life and love... death and destruction.... Desire. Alan... the music...the shot. I have to leave... have to meet a stranger... A kind stranger... the way it ought to be...Wendesday, April 23, 1947The money is gone... the people are dead... Alan... Belle Reve is lost... The light. I am fragile...I have taught one of the boys... taught him love; death and destruction... They took my job. They have taken away my teaching. The music... the strangers are fewer... the kindness. Stella, Stella for a star. She has a husband, a home... Alan... the polka is loud now. I only need to take the streetcar... the streetcar named desire. Stella for a star. Go past cemetery and on to Elysian Fields... I need kindness... That is the way it ought to be...there is the shot... the boy... Alan...the strangers... I shall take the streetcar... I shall tell what ought to be the truthWord count of text production: 692Objectives: ● To show Blanche's change from a normal girl to a mentally unstable person To use a sophisticated and slightly poetic language which is typical for Blanche To use events referred to in the drama as diary notes___________________________________________________________________________AnalysisIn order so show Blanche's mental change, the beginning had to differ significantly from the end of the diary notes. In the beginning the sentences are well structured and are able to focus on the subject. For...

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816 words - 4 pages every bare light bulb for fear that her life of illusion will be discovered. Mitch finds the real Blanche by tearing the lantern from the light, and Stanley hands her the remains of her torn illusion in the very last moment of the play, as she is being led away to an asylum. Works Cited Adler, Thomas P.  A Streetcar Named Desire: the Moth and the Lantern.  Boston:  Twayne, 1990. Sievers, W. David.  Twentieth Century Interpretations of a Streetcar Named Desire: A collection of critical essays. Ed. Jordan Miller.  New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 1971. Williams, Tennessee.  A Streetcar Named Desire.  New York: New American Library, 1942.

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