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An Eye For An Eye Essay 2

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“An Eye For an Eye”
“BANG, BANG!” This blaring noise is frequently perceived as being a gunshot. But this was no ordinary gunshot. This particular gunshot came from a machine gun that hacks away at its opponents. As the wielder of the machine gun starts hacking away at his enemies, the victims bodily fluids and pieces of their organs start to fly all over the place. With such brutal ways of murdering these poor victims the murderer will most likely see life in prison as a sentence to his brutal actions. Hammurabi’s Code stated that “an eye for an eye” was the just and fair punishment that one would receive for a crime committed. The judicial system in the United States should not be based ...view middle of the document...

Those who committed an act of crime were looking at receiving an equal or greater punishment for their actions. For example, if Joe Shmo was to kill John Smith, then Joe Shmo was to face the death penalty. The point behind these sentences is that if you take a life you give your life as well. A better saying for our time would be “take a dollar, give a dollar.” A life with little to no criminals would definitely be considered as a golden one. That’s exactly what would happen if the judicial system were to re-tweak their enforcement.
If certain biblical laws are to be enforced then there potentially would be a great decline in the rate of crime. Most biblical laws instill fear onto the person which tends to make him/her think twice before his/her actions. The death penalty use to be a form of punishment in the US until it was ruled to be cruel and unusual punishment in certain states. If a loved one was killed by a criminal, revenge would definitely be wanted. What is the best form of revenge when a life has been taken away? It is only fair that the person should take the life of the one that had no mercy on his/her loved one. If a killer knew that his/her life was at stake for killing someone. I am almost 100% certain that the killer would think twice before committing a crime such as murder, knowing that his own life was at stake. With strong judicial enforcement fear will be instilled in the hearts of many potential criminals, in being fearful of committing a crime.

How much money is spent on taking care of an inmate in jail? The costs of housing in inmate in jail definitely beats the price of any expensive university that a student might go to. If we think about the costs of; the security guards watching the inmate, the maintenance of the building housing the inmate, food for the inmate, and all other expenses...

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