An Innovative Device That Is Useful To My Study

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Topic chosen: Write an essay about a current technological innovation that benefits to your work/study.

I used to get a lot of difficulties in studying. For instance, I don’t want to buy printed book to read or study because my room is already filled with lots of them. And even though my room isn’t so big, it’s not easy to find document every time I need it. Also I used to have a hard time correcting mistakes on the homework paper. In addition, I never feel comfortable when I have to go to the bookstore to find new dossier and see if it’s suitable for my study or not before spending my money on it, despite the fact that even the biggest book store of the world - The US Congress Library - still have a limit to the ...view middle of the document...

in a few kilos device. Though can save that much information, it only take me few minutes to find the necessary. Just simply turn on the laptop, open the searching engine, tape a key word and it will list all possible choices in no time. Moreover, since every laptop has password, I can safely put my data in it and don’t need to care about stealing or spying.
Secondly, Laptop is extremely useful when being used to correct or replace faults. For example, when I’m write on paper, I usually make mistakes. And every time a mistake made is every time I waste more paper, time and attempt to remake it. However, since I have a laptop, I don’t have to waste anything anymore. I tape my homework freely without thinking so much about faults, and if there is something I need to change, I will open the tool which is already available on laptop and fix them with no effect on the rest, and my problems solved.
Thirdly, since the scientists at CERN have created the “world wide web”, Internet has become the largest and most various database in the world. However, there are just some hightech devices can connect to it, and laptop is one of them. So with a laptop connected to internet, I will have chance to interact to the endless store of information. I can share my ideas to other people and also learn theirs as my knowledge, and all I have to do are just sitting still at my room and studying without a step outside my room. What a convenience!
As a high-tech device, laptop has change a lot the way of my study. By its wonderful functions, I have overcome many challenges and made my study more effective. And I suggest that everyone should have a laptop for studying because, up to now, there is no better choice than it.

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