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An Introduction To Working With Children

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An Introduction to Working with children
Statutory provision- Services that are set up and regulated by the government. Usually given specific task to do or special responsibilities. People working in it are usually employed by the government.
Setting available under 5 years is:
* Day nursery-A day nursery is a childcare setting that cares for children from birth to four or five years old. Is set up by the government. The purpose of the nursery is to help children learn and develop the basic skills such as social skills and developmental skills like learning to count and recognising own name. The main focus is learning through play which means the children will do a lot of role ...view middle of the document...

Wages are provided by the corporation.
Children between 5 and 7 years:
* Reception class in a private- The reception class is the first class of a primary school, in which children aged 4 and 5 go for pre-primary education. Is set up by the government. They are welcome children from all ethnic groups and cultures. Aim to give positive images of other cultures using various methods, including celebrating different festivals and incorporating multicultural play into our themes and activities. The purpose of the Nursery is to provide service to children so that working parents can do their jobs and the children are taken care of. Developing children’s confidence and a sense of self-worth.
Staff will provide a welcoming and encouraging environment where each child is valued as an individual, by welcoming each child individually, by respecting the likes/dislikes of an individual and by discussing and displaying children’s achievements.

* After school classes-is any organized program which invites children to participate outside of the traditional school day. Is private setting. The purpose of the Nursery is to provide service to children so that working parents can do their jobs and the children are taken care of. Developing children’s confidence and a sense of self worth
Staff will provide a welcoming and encouraging environment where each child is valued as an individual, by welcoming each child individually, by respecting the likes/dislikes of an individual and by discussing and displaying children’s achievements.

D3) One professional who work with children. Describe the work of this professional: Early years teacher

Early years teacher- Early years teacher, or nursery, teachers work in pre-school, nursery and reception classes with children aged between three and five. They are responsible for developing and implementing work schemes and lesson plans in line with the requirements of the early years foundation stage (EYFS). This involves motivating children to learn and imaginatively using resources in order to facilitate learning. Early years teachers develop the social and communication skills of children and provide a safe and secure environment in which the child can learn. They build and maintain relationships with parents/guardians to further support pupils as well as operate within multi-agency networks to ensure the correct support is available. Early years teachers record observations and summarise the children's achievements. They focus on optimum child development and preparation for a successful transition to primary school education.

D4) Describe how to keep information about children and families confidential
Personal information needs to be kept safe at all the times when in a childcare setting because it’s a legal requirement. There are no different between the rights of children and the rights of adults in respect of confidential and sensitive information. It is important to keep any information or...

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