Anabolic Steroids In Sports Essay

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Sport: “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment”.-websters dictionary. The new additive to this definition would be science. The new supplements we put forth today can push the human body to new physical strains, with the simple injection or consumption of steroids. Steroids a synthetic hormone developed by scientist’s to artificially enhance ones testosterone and protein synthesis. This superhuman creating compound can push the body past ones normal limits causing great strain on many athletes trying to stay clean ...view middle of the document...

Those caught however are given an asterisk beside their name to show that they cheated to get ahead.
There are many effects to steroids both good and bad enhanced muscle growth, height, testosterone levels, and increased hormones to promote size and weight growth. the negative side effects are deepening of women’s voices, enlarging or shrinking of male sexual organs, abnormal liver function, male breast growth, excessive body fat, women facial hair growth, elevated cholesterol levels, premature heart attacks and strokes. So why do athletes of all skill levels, sizes, and genders use them. Because they work and are proven to work no matter the harmful side effects.(A.T Kitman. Pharmacology of anabolic steroids. 26 may 2008. .)

HIV/AIDS epidemic in bodybuilding, a very rampant disease in the world of bodybuilding and other sports. due to the expensive nature of steroids most users look for ways to cut costs using others needles to share and sample others steroids to try them out. this causes the mixing of blood types and diseases normally only transferable through intercourse now being exposed through swapping of needles to save time during ones pumping phase when steroids are most applicable. Not bothering to have oneself checked afterwards leads people to spread it to even more people not thinking what they're now doing is hurting more people than themselves.(Micheal Carter. Anabolic steroids. 10 April 2011. .)
Being obsessed with ones muscle growth no matter how big one gets is called bigorexia a term coined by bodybuilders and later by physiologists studying bodybuilders. No matter what these people do to they’re bodies they still see something else in the mirror. whether it be to small or to fat,this is where bodybuilding gets its biggest athletes from. The clicking of something in ones mind that tells them there to small no matter how big they get. This form of ocd drives people mad trying to achieve their goals in the long grueling process of bodybuilding and steroid abuse. and can lead up to your body fighting back to protect itself from you. Take Greg Vallentino for example otherwise known as the man whos arms exploded. Greg had been bodybuilding naturally for 23 years and reached the point where it is no longer possible for humans to push past. unless he used steroids. for 5 grueling years of training and torturing himself Greg achieved his goals and got the world record for biggest biceps in the world being a total 28 inches around. Till over abuse and tragedy strickes nearly killing Greg when his body struck back. Greg got a infection in his biceps where they swelled up with puss and blood to extreme measures he then took matters into his own hands sucking the puss out of him leading him on a one way trip to the emergency room.(Greg valentino. Personal interview. March 15 2005.)
Not only do these drugs...

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