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Analisis On The English Language (Spanish)

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Instrucciones: a) Duración: Una hora y treinta minutos.

b) La puntuación de cada pregunta está indicada en las mismas.

c) No se permite el uso de diccionario.


I had a liberal upbringing,(educación, formación, niñez) growing up(crecer, educar) in Ireland in the 1950s and 1960s. I was free to go where I pleased, bicycling alone almost everywhere from the age of 12.I was never warned against (previnieron contra)drugs, under-age sex, (sexo para menores de edad) subversive television(subversivo, revolucionaria) or dangerous ...view middle of the document...

Aceptar la responsabilidad de ser nuestra propia policia interior) to be our own inner police.

(A) COMPREHENSION (4 points)


What things was the writer warned against when she was young?

She said she can remember only two warnings one from a nun who said they shouldn't go alone into a man's room after 12 o'clock at night and the other from an aunt who told them not to marry a protestant because they admit divorce.

2) Why do we have to be our own inner police? The text explains that since the law is now less protective and more liberal we have to be more in charge of our lives.


3) The writers parents were very strict. False. “I had a liberal upbringing”

4) The writer's aunt did not approve of divorce True “…….and an aunt who …………………………….divorce” (lines 4, 5)

5) In the 1950s anü 1960s families had to fortid their children to take drugs.

6) Nowaüays...

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