Analyse The Impact Of Reduced Levels Of Protection On The Global Economy

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Protection can be defined as government policies such as tariffs, subsidies and quotas, which give domestic producers an artificial advantage over foreign competition, in order to protect them from international competition. Although protection has many benefits at a global level, reduced levels of protection have various effects on the global economy. Countries may choose to reduce protection in order to increase efficiency and productivity levels, and on a global scale, this leads to international competition. This affects the global economy in both a positive and negative way. On one side, this increases productivity but on the other hand, infant industries will find it difficult to ...view middle of the document...

This is due to each country engaging in specialisation, as different countries have different resources and have varying factor endowments that allow them to be efficient in the production of a particular good, however, this will also result in increased short-term unemployment. Countries are able to maximise the use of their resources, and thus as a result of the increased links between countries, this affects the global economy, as the changes in one economy affects other economies. Countries then engage in trade in order to obtain goods that either they aren’t able to produce or are produced more efficiently by another country. Consequently by focusing on a specific type or range of good, domestic producers improve efficiency and the global economy in turn benefits from this.

Dumping will occur as a result of reduced levels of protection, and occurs when a foreign company charges a price in a domestic market that is lower than the price in the domestic market. Without protection, countries are free to engage in this activity and this can have negative effects on a domestic economy, and thus the global economy may suffer due to this, as domestic...

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