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Analysis For Apple

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Final Paper: Case Analysis for Apple

Final Paper: Case Analysis for Apple

Final Paper: Case Analysis for Apple

Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Branding strategy 3
Designing a global identity 3
Using marketing mix strategies in creating unique relationship with the consumers 4
Apple’s strategies for promotions 4
Apple’s strategy for product placement 5
Product as a decisive part in Apple’s marketing magic 6
How Apple’s pricing strategies influence consumer behavior? 6
Conclusion 8
References 9


Apple is a multinational corporation that concentrates on the production of personal and business computers, electronics, and software. The company ...view middle of the document...

In a challenge to rejuvenate their damaged reputation, Apple amazingly managed to transform the Macintosh into the iMac. The iMac was a huge success, so this allowed the company to introduce additional products and services such as the Apple Store, iPod, iTunes, MacBook, iPhone, and the iPad.
The iMac and the iBook set a whole new standard for Internet access, and iPod, iTunes and iPhone set a new standard for listening to music, watching television even a whole new experience of making calls too.
“The heroic journey of Apple Computer might just as well have been written by Dante, for it is an epic journey that surprised faithful and enemies alike” (Vincent, 2002).
It was the past August when Apple became the most valuable corporation in the world based on market capitalization, exceeding every firm in the technology industry and every other industry! As a consumer Products Company, its prolonged growth spurt is even more amazing because it has continued through economic times when consumers are unenthusiastic to spend what little they have (Sullivan, 2011). Taken into consideration that Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy back in 1997, its story is both remarkable and amazing.

Branding strategy

One thing that Apple has understood is that people select brands based on emotional responses (Haig, 2004). A PC might be a machine, but it is not sold to robots.
Apple is regularly considered a ‘cult brand’. According to Matt Ragas, a cult brand is one that craves to be different and take risks, where the management and marketers behind it are willing to take big risks, and they understand the potential payoff (Ragas & Bueno, 2002).
This certainly connects with Apple, a company that takes risks on almost every product it has made. Some of those products unsurprisingly did not go so well. For example, the Apple Newton ‘personal digital assistant’ failed because – uncharacteristically for an Apple product – it confused consumers.
So far, Apples' branding strategy is bringing great success. The reports from Apple are that half of all computer sales through its retail channel are to people, which are the first-time users of Macintosh. It is a fact that the company's sales and margins have been increasing greatly since 2006, and Apple has achieved several "best ever" quarterly financial results in recent years. In May 2011 Apple became world’s most valuable brand according to BrandZ Top 100 ranking of the most valuable global brands. Thanks to the success of the iPad tablet and iPhone mobile, among both consumers and corporations Apple’s brand value has surged in the last year to overtake that of Google.(Palmer & Baxter, 2011)

Designing a global identity

The Name – Apple is a word that is friendly for a computer name. Some say that is even tempting and cute. Legend has it that the Apple innovator Steve Jobs thought that the apple was the perfect fruit, so that was the reason why he named the computer after it.
The Logo – The...

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