Analysis Of A Team Charter

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Analysis of Team Charter
June 14, 2010

Analysis of Team Charter
Team C is comprised of four different people with different personalities, perceptions, skills and other traits that make each individual person unique. These factors contribute to the team’s performance on completing assignments. To effectively manage any issues that may come up when working in teams, the Team Charter is created to address these issues as the class progresses. The Team Charter can be considered like a flow-chart in seeing what the team can contribute to assignments, what areas each member would like to further develop, and possible solutions if problems arise.
Why Learning Teams?
The learning team is a method that implements collaboration between students to complete assignments. This is one of the University’s fundamental learning goals (University of Phoenix, 2010) and is important to develop in all academic ...view middle of the document...

Team Charter
The Learning Team Charter allows for identification of team members, their skill inventory, goals for the learning team, ground rules, and how conflict will be managed. A team should work together and bring out the best in each member and that will be reflected on the assignment. Team C consists of four individuals, three females and one male. Through the electronic forum, the team members shared some of the results from the “Jungian Personality Assessment” (University of Phoenix, 2010). Most of the team members have good listening skills and trusted people, which should be conducive to working together. Two team members, including myself, shared that the assessment showed a “Type A” personality, which means that there will be no procrastination on their part in completing assignments.
The member skill inventory showed that most of the members had organizational, leadership, planning, and negotiating skills. These skills will be beneficial in completing assignments in a timely manner. The goals and ground rules were clearly stated and all were in agreement as the team leader for this week shared the learning team charter to be reviewed before submitting.
This was the first week working with team members on an assignment while working on the personal assignment at the same time. There was only one team member who stated they were only available or worked on assignments at certain times throughout the week. While this may work for this member due to work and personal schedules, one must also be flexible because there are other people involved on this assignment. I do not think this should be a problem and I think for the subsequent weeks, we will continue to evaluate ourselves and improve our collaboration on the team assignments.

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