Analysis Of A Television Advertisement

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Analysis of a Television Advertisement

The television advert I am going to analyse is the John Smith’s advert
entitled “Top Bombing” taken from late in 2002. This advert was part
of a continuous “No Nonsense” series, which is still running on
television screens with the most recent being a “doorstep challenge”
type advert where the presenter turns up on the doorstep of an
unsuspecting victim and asks a question which would usually have a yes
or no answer.

The basis of the advert is Peter Kay (A British comedian) in a diving
contest against some of the world’s top professional diver’s. The
advert is intended to promote the idea that the beer it is ...view middle of the document...

The comedy aspect keeps people drawn to the advert all the way
through as it is comical until the very end of the advert when Kay’s
shorts fall down. The simplicity of the advert keeps the viewer
interested while the camera angles vary. The advert’s layout is that
of a diving contest. It shows the initial run up to the jump side on
then shows a head on view of the divers initial upward drive off of
the board, which then goes into a shot of the divers motion in the
air, into the final splash. This is repeated for the second diver and
John Smith (Peter Kay).

Smith’s dive or “bomb” is the complete opposite of what judges look
for in diving contests. In diving contests the judges are usually on
the lookout for the complexity of the trick and the lack of splash as
well as rigidity in the air. In the advert, the opening pair of divers
perform what would be considered a very good dive in an ordinary
contest. Smith however performs a dive or “Bomb” which would score
very low in an actual diving competition. This is where the concept of
no nonsense comes into play. The no nonsense “bomb” is a poolside or
holiday dive usually performed by young people due to its simplicity.
It is the contrast between this simple dive and the perfected dives of
the professionals, which really portrays no nonsense motive of the

Visual techniques.

A television advert is intended to be seen and not read or listened to
so it therefore relies very heavily on visuals to try and put forward
its message. Often an advert will use a striking image or a series of.
Other adverts may use less striking, more subliminal images, and some
use an advert in the form of a story or scene. This advert uses a
story of a man in a diving contest, what would usually be a very
difficult thing. The simplicity of the "bomb" puts forward the no
nonsense slogan.

The visuals in the advert reflect those of a diving contest because
that is the theme that the advert is based around. The advert displays
the name and nationality of the “divers” in green text boxes as well
as the scores awarded by the judges to each of the 3 divers. The first
is awarded 49.1 by the judges, the second follows with 82.7, and
finally John Smith with a perfect 120.the fact that the viewers are
seeing an obviously less impressive dive meeting none of the
categories required in diving for a good dive shows that, “No
Nonsense”, the slogan for the beer is obviously the best. This idea in
the viewers mind means that the beer is the best and perfect like the
score so therefore they should drink it over a different type of beer.

When Smith performs his "bomb" it is very loose and relaxed rather
than tight and concentrated like most performing divers. This bit of
the visuals helps to reinforce the point that there is none of the
diving nonsense...

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