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Analysis Of An Echo Sonnet: “To An Empty Page”

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In Robert Pack's, "To an Empty Page," the speaker discusses death and its consequences regarding relief to show the author's purpose as a feeling of loneliness and depression. He does this with the use of an echo sonnet form, foreshadowing within the title, and through the use of emotion evoking pathos.
Pack's use of a sonnet for reveals his feelings and emotions toward love, which sonnets are normally about. Readers can feel the raw emotion that Pack reveals in his discussion regarding the speakers possible death and loss of love, thereafter. In addition, the fact that he wrote an echo sonnet aids in the author’s purpose because it allows the reader to be aware of the words meant to be emphasized. Along with its emphasis, the echo, in some cases, seems to answer a rhetorical ...view middle of the document...

But contrast to that idea, he is sending his sonnet to, "an Empty Page," meaning nobody. These words have a negative connotation and sets the mood of the poem. This foreshadowing allows readers the knowledge that this is not a typical sappy-love sonnet as Shakespeare's wrote. The speaker displays the title as his own thoughts; he believes no one will hear his cry for help. He believes he is alone. These thoughts of death, although unknown by the title alone, seem fitting with the poems overall theme of solemness. The foreshadowing within the title aides in the author's purpose, because it reveals the speaker's acknowledgment that no one will set eyes upon his sonnet - seeing his true emotions.
In addition, Pack’s usage of pathos allows the reader to feel what the speaker felt and realize his true intention and purpose. Words that describe his strong feelings are “grief,” (line 2), “disease,” (line 7), and “dark,” (line 10). All these words evoke a connotation that denotes ; they show his obvious meaning of the words to be literal and dismal. The pathos allows readers to not only feel the same as the speaker, but feel a connection with him. Many readers can sympathize with the speaker and his emotions and can cause readers to recall a time of extreme sadness or depression. Pathos gives readers the knowledge of the author’s purpose which, in this case, is the speaker’s unhappiness.
Robert Pack’s, “To an Empty Page,” is filled with anguish and the contemplation of death and its fulfillment. The speaker feels alone and expresses himself through a sonnet to show his despondent emotions, along with a foreshadowing title, and inclusion of pathos. This allows readers to be aware of the meaning behind his pain; a pain that can only be eased by suicide.

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