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Analysis Of Brazils Migration Trends

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Analysis Of Brazils Migration Trends

The country that I will be analysing for migration trends is Brazil.
Brazil is in South America as you can see from the map above.

There is a lot of different migration in Brazil. Many different
migration schemes are occurring all over the world, things such as.

Ø War

Ø Slave Trade

Ø Jobs

Ø Don’t like area

Ø Actors, musicians etc

Brazil is a bit different though because it has an overcrowding
problem, and the government has it’s way of moving people. Here are
the different migrations occurring in Brazil today.


Urbanisation is when people ...view middle of the document...

The environment in the urban areas is not as pleasant of
that in a rural area, crime is more likely to be higher in the rural
areas as there is more money, bigger businesses are higher up and
therefore are more wealthy. People may move to a rural area to bring
up their children, as they don’t like the idea of having their
children grow up in a city whereby there is a bad environment
physically and environmentally. Elder people may move from the city
to rural areas to retire, as they don’t need to be in a busy city as
all is doing to them is damaging their health, they could live in an
urban area and be just as happy. If people are moving out and in of
villages at a steady rate because people want better jobs in the urban
areas and people move in for retirement then this could cause a lack
of jobs being taken up.


People move from the north to south because there are bad soils to
grow crops and therefore if that’s their way of living then its not
very hopeful, the soils in the south are much better. The soils are
not very good in the north as that is where the Amazon rain forest is
so therefore all of the plantation is taking all the goodness out of
the soil. There is bad drought is in the south of Brazil but this can
be good for growing crops. The northern area has a very hot climate
as its closer to the equator therefore it is hotter. The rain forest
causes a very hot sticky environment when walking around in it because
of evaporation and the coverage or trees helps keep the heat in. In
the north there are lack of jobs because of the forest and the river,
to get rid of the trees etc is costs money so there they just build
elsewhere. The south has the main cities such as Brasilia, Sao Paulo
and Rio De Janeiro. In the south there is less overcrowding as there
is more room to spread out as in the north people have to live where
there are no trees and vegetation, this can cause people to want more
freedom which persuades them to move to southern Brazil. In the south
there are more jobs, and the adults children have a chance to go to
school and get a better future. Adults may of brought up there
children in the North to keep them away from the crime in the southern
Brazil, so therefore when they are old enough they will move down to
the south to get an education. The hospital facilities will be much
better in the south as there is more civilization.

Into Rainforest

There are few reasons why people move into the rain forest. It could
be that there family lives there and they want to be closer to their
family. Another reason is that they may want to have a completely
different job. The rainforest has jobs such as mining as they have
metal ore. In the rainforest there is less pollution and the
environment is much cleaner and...

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